Get end-to-end virtual reality development services for virtual reality applications development, 3d virtual reality software, virtual reality game development, virtual reality software development.

Virtual Reality Development

“Living vicariously” have been made realizable to a great extent by the emergence of Virtual Reality (VR). Computer generated 3D milieu, tricking the brain into believing that simulated environment is reality has been the new shift in technological space witnessed by the world which is fascinating! A computer platform, so much more immersive and intuitive, that connects with humans acoustically and visually to provide life like feelings and emotions. These intangible experiences are attainable by harnessing the power of virtual reality technologies. We can experience VR in the following sphere of lives:

  • VR for Video Games has outburst in the market due to easy availability of VR hardware such as headsets
  • Its is becoming increasingly popular for data visualization techniques
  • Military, Medicine and Aviation industries have also been benefited with the advancements in VR

Our Virtual Reality Development Services:

Being a leading Virtual Reality Development Company, we offer end-to-end virtual reality development services for:

  • Virtual Reality Applications Development
  • 3D Virtual Reality Software
  • Virtual Reality Game Development
  • Virtual Reality Software Development

Our Virtual Reality Development Expertise:

Since the future lies in consuming online content via artificially replicated effects, MDS is determined to provide the best development experience to our clients.

  • Experience and imagination is the key to create digitally simulated environment. We,at MDS helps client in providing best quality services related to virtual reality applications development, virtual reality game development, 3d virtual reality software and virtual reality software development.
  • Our virtual reality developers are skilled and industry proven in leveraging Unity3D, Revit, SketchUp, etc. for developing sophisticated solutions for simulation and 3D effects related to virtual reality applications development, virtual reality game development.
  • Our games and applications are supported across VR devices such as Google cardboard, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR.
  • Our virtual reality developers have long standing reputation in the gaming industry which bolsters our dexterity and quality of throughput.
  • We adhere to the latest paradigms of designing, development and testing to maintain excellence in Virtual reality solutions industry,

Industries Covered

  • Gaming & Entertainment
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Medical and Health
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Security and Defense

Why Hire Virtual Reality Developers from MetaDesign Solutions ?

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Our Business Models

MDS offers various Business Engagement Models to suit client’s budget.

Fixed Time/ Fixed Cost Project Model

  • Suited for fixed & defined project specification
  • Establish long term business relationships
  • Less flexible
  • Re-negotiation over the required changes

Time & Material Model (T&M)

  • Suited for projects where requirements vary with time
  • Monthly & Hourly rates are charged
  • Suitable for long term projects
  • Applicable for customers looking to extend their Technical Team

Dedicated Team Model (DTM)

  • Working as per the client business needs
  • Cost-effective resource & flexibility
  • Long term business relationship
  • Easy integration with client's existing process

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