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MetaDesign Solutions has over 10 years of diverse experience in mobile Application development services. From Apple to Android to Tizen, we’ve got all major platforms covered with a wide range of services. Both Enterprises and Startups can benefit from our extensive expertise as a mobile Application development company. You can Hire mobile application developers from MDS to develop mobile experiences that are intuitive, beautiful, fast, secure and tailored to your exact specifications. MetaDesign Solutions assures you the highest quality possible with our Mobile Application Development Services.





Native Application Development

Built specifically for a particular operating system, native applications amplify performance, aesthetic appeal as well as security. We aid development of platform dependent applications meticulously thus augmenting its features and functionalities.

Android Mobile App Development

Our professionals are adept in leveraging the features of the linux based android operating system to develop native applications that exceeds expectations and provides a magnificent experience.

iOS Mobile App Development

Exploit our iOS application development expertise and acquire industry proven services to transform your vision from an idea to a dynamic application. Outstanding functionalities are enabled using inbuilt OS dependent features thus delivering smooth excellent experience.

Tizen App Development

Secure extensible, scalable and vibrant applications development for the emerging, impactful and a Samsung powered operating system, Tizen. It’s a web based framework that leverages web technologies like Javascript, HTML5, CSS, etc.

Hybrid Application Development

Gained popularity for its code once use anywhere feature that reduced the turnaround time as well as made the development cost effective. Hybrid applications provides a consistent look and feel to the applications on all the platforms.

Ionic App Development

Receive a vivid user experience by using the ever powerful web technologies to develop hybrid applications. Business prefer these applications as they are faster to code with enriched look and feel as well as compatible across platforms.

PhoneGap App Development

Dynamic and striking applications to empower ideas can be developed via phonegap platforms that leverages Javascript and HTML5/CSS. These performance packed technologies are reaching new horizons in terms of application development.

Sencha App Development

We specialise in blending the benefits of web technologies for mobile platforms and its development process that results in efficient and smooth applications for cross mobile platforms.

Cross Platform Application Development

Innovate and reorient your propositions into advanced applications via systematic and methodological development techniques. These platforms foster development via web technologies to support cross platform compatibility while maintaining the native look and feel.

React Native App Development

We constantly evolve with the latest technologies to embrace perfection. With our ReactNative development services, we thrive to create innovative multi platform applications amalgamated with the power of native applications.

Xamarin App development

Xamarin platforms provide a complete stack for development of impactful cross platform apps. These apps retain the look and feel as well as the performance of the native applications thus, gaining immense popularity.

Titanium App Development

Titanium facilitates javascript base for multi-platform application development that retains the specifications of its operating system. Since the code can be reused, it aids rapid and integrated development.

TV Apps

Smart devices are influential and emerging in the current technological scenario. Applications are being developed for these devices at a rapid pace. Smart TVs run on extended versions of operating system such as Android, iOS, Tizen, etc., also OS are being development to support these devices. We proffer punctilious development of various such applications to empower TV systems at your home and workplaces.

Apple TV App Development

We aid development of interactive applications for televisions that are powered by Apple Inc. Fresh development as well extension of existing iOS applications can be carried out consummately by our expert developers.

Amazon Fire TV App Development

Leverage our expertise to get intuitive and progressive applications for Amazon Smart TV, supported by Fire OS, developed. Latest functionalities and version upgrades for smooth and seamless intelligent television experience.

Tizen TV App Development

Along with mobile application development, we also advance in Smart TV app development for Tizen Platform powered by Samsung. These applications are immensely user-friendly extensible to provide an enriching interaction with users.

Other Apps

The future beholds enormous amount of devices integrated with each other via various operating system platforms. Thus, application development to enrich this interaction will be imperative. We innovate and transform incessantly to keep up with the revolutionising world.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT), a very sought term, is incorporating into our daily lives. Remote access of devices to control and perform tasks with great ease is the future! Harness our creative and impactful service and take advantage of these progressive techniques.

Wearable App Development

Whether it’s a fancy watch or glasses, technical advancements have impacted it all. Bring your ideas by leveraging our services to develop application for wearables with unprecedented conviction and imagination.

Augmented Reality App Development (AR)

Augmenting reality with technology to create an outstanding experience for users has been our forte since its inception. Diligently enhancing details and enriching the landscape to provide an intensified and clearer view of the ambiance you are in or ought to be.

Flutter App Development

Flutter is the most advanced hybrid mobile application development platform. With flutter you can produce native mobile apps sharing the same codebase

How MDS can help you attain an edge over the competition

  • Get a Risk Free 80 Hour Trial of Development:

    We offer an 80 Hour period of free trial development for you to judge our Mobile app development services. We’re confident it will result in a long-term association.

  • 24/7 Technical Support:

    We have teams available 24/7 to ensure that any query you may have or issue you might face is resolved as quickly as possible.

  • Over 500 Satisfied Clients:

    MetaDesign Solutions have delivered more than 2000 projects too over 500 customers. Our status as a Top Mobile app development company enables us to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified:

    MetaDesign Solutions is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Mobile App Development company.

  • Uncompromising Security:

    Our security procedures ensure that all our Mobile App Development Services are secure and your project is kept safe.

  • Reduced Time-To-Market (TTM):

    Our Cohesive development process, expert developers and vast experience as Mobile App Development Company allow us to make sure your project hits the market quickly.

  • Pricing Based on Requirements:

    You can choose amongst many affordable pricing models to Hire Mobile App Developers from MetaDesign Solutions.

  • NDA/IP Protection:

    MetaDesign Solutions maintains a comprehensive NDA with our clients including provisions for IP Protections when applicable.

  • High Standard of Quality Assurance:

    We maintain a commitment to our clients that should they Hire Mobile App Developers from MetaDesign Solutions, we will endeavour to provide the best quality Mobile App Development services possible and will continue working on the application till it meets the client’s requirements.

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