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In this era, in which applications softwares have revolutionised the ways to do the business, the arrival of a another prominent cross platform mobile development tool, Appcelerator Titanium, has given an added advantage. With the help of this advanced technology, one can target iOS, android and windows platform with the same interface and codebase and consequently, one can reach to a larger public and make the people aware about the apps. Moreover, because of the less consumption of time and less hassles required, in order to maintain different criterias of these platforms, it is used widely by the enterprises, so that their business can bloom.

Appcelerator Titanium, it is an open source framework, that with the use of a single JavaScript codebase, helps in the development of mobile apps on various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS. It offers a platform to create cross platform native mobile apps by making use of web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Benefits Of Titanium Appcelerator

Innovations in technology have transformed this world into a globalised village, which is on the path of continuous development and progress. In the similar context, by taking into consideration Appcelerator Titanium development, here is an attempt to portray how it has helped in a variety of ways, to make the tasks of apps development, facile and uncomplicated. Enlisted below are some of the benefits of using Appcelerator Titanium:

  • Moreover, the core features will share the same experience across all the platforms in the process of mobile development.
  • The primary use of Appcelerator Titanium is the code re-utility as a consequence of which there is a less consumption of time.
  • Concluding this, it is a flexible, reliable and a significant platform, for building mobile apps on Android and iOS, without the need to learn coding for both the platforms, individually.
  • What makes it highly popularised is the fact that it is a JavaScript using platform, a language that many developers are well versed in. Therefore, many developers switch from web development to mobile app development.
  • With the advantage of JavaScript that is being deployed for the controller, XML which is utilised for overall structure of each screen and also a style sheet language for the purpose of controlling presentation, Appcelerator Titanium provides a perfect and convenient solution for mobile app development.
  • It must be kept in mind that, Appcelerator Titanium development is not merely based on the notion of, “write once, run everywhere.” There are available platform specific API’s, user interface and features, and developers must make use of the code that is specifically platform targeted, so as to ensure better performance and high reliability.
  • For the success of any new platform or any advanced technology, it is indispensable to estimate its growing popularity and community. Without a shadow of doubt, the evaluation shows that this platform has been successful in building up a community of 200,000 + developers who have worked with their zeal, passion and enthusiasm to build about more than 35k apps.

Cross Platform Mobile Development Using Titanium Appcelerator

Business grows when it gets the aid of technology and cross platform mobile app development ensures more popularity in lesser time and less efforts. Appcelerator Titanium, an open source and extensible platform helps to give better performance and breed better capabilities as it helps in integrating data, content and services from other sources into mobile applications. Moreover, one may feel amazed by knowing the fact that the people who try to expand their business through Titanium platform, reach their customers 70% faster. What we do at MetaDesign Solutions, we help our clients to get the leading-edge mobile apps with best of capabilities and simultaneously, we also make sure that they function well and conveniently across multiple platforms. Having acquired significant experience in cross platform mobile apps development, our proficient team of developers put all their endeavors and vigour to satisfy our clients.

We put our best foot forward to invest money in insightful conferences so that our developers remain updated about the latest technologies. This is the reason why we have been able to gain worldwide customer support. Our dynamic team has intimate knowledge about Appcelerator titanium development and there is no reason denying the fact that satisfaction is at our client’s doorstep if they choose to avail the benefits of our services.


David S. Rose, quoted, “the entrepreneurial life is one of challenge, work, dedication, perseverance, exhilaration, agony, accomplishment, failure, sacrifice. control, powerlessness…..but ultimately, extraordinary satisfaction.” Following this, we believe that our hard work and endeavours speak more than words and our 8 years experience of serving our customers is a coherent evidence of this. Attaining the client’s satisfaction is our aim and we thrive to attain it. Here are some of the reasons why you must consider us as your primary choice.

  • We do not step back from providing 4 hours of time overlap between our customer’s time zone and our time zone, to ensure that we provide quality services.
  • Not merely this, we also provide 40 hours of free trial services so that our clients remain contented that they are going to invest their money at the right place.
  • We are a diligent team of 300 people who are highly experienced of working even under remote environment and well versed in English communication skills.
  • As you must be aware of the fact that, India is pool of talented software developers and we, being from this country help you to work with expedient team of developers.
  • Ensuring complete satisfaction to our clients is our primary responsibility. Therefore, we provide complete software development cycle to our customers from development to requirement analysis, UX design and testing.
  • We make sure that we accomplish a given project within a fixed frame of time and at the same time, we are able to provide quality services to our clients. Therefore, we have a highly concerned project manager for every project.

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