Choose Flutter to design beautiful native apps in Record Time

Are you planning to launch a new app but still in dilemma which cross-platform framework to choose for robust app development in 2020? Flutter can be a fantastic choice for companies looking for cross-platform apps on a budget. It is a revolution in the IT industry with rich features and capabilities. Most importantly, it does not put a BIG hole in the pocket like other cross-platform frameworks available so far.

Let us see what is unique about the platform and why it has become the number one choice for app development in 2020.

Today, there are 2.7 million apps on Play Store and 1.84 million apps on Apple Store. So, it is clear that apps have become a clear need of the hour for different sizes of businesses. Those days had gone when businesses with a handsome budget were using apps. Today, almost every business needs an app or online presence to make it stand ahead of the crowd.

Flutter platform is an invention by Google with easy syntax, best typography, and easy scrolling behavior. Flutter has excellent community support where you can learn from other successful developers. Here are some researched stats why choose Flutter app development services to design beautiful native apps in record time. And also learn how Flutter app development company in India can help you with it.

  • Flutter is the second most famous cross-platform app followed after React Native worldwide. There are also impressive returns over time.
  • Moving ahead, let us see a few popular brands using Flutter for cross-platform app development in record time.
    metadesign solutions
  • According to a survey made by stack overflow, Flutter is the third most popular platform after Dot net and Torch.
    metadesign solutions

Flutter gained its popularity in 2018, and the platform never looked back after it. The way Flutter apps are distributed over the play store and apple store, the framework quickly became the top choice by industries.

Flutter app development services to consider that are difficult to ignore by aspiring industries:

  • The framework is backed by a powerful API that enables you to leverage faster with amazing animation transitions.
  • It is easy to embed Flutter with existing apps. It means you can revamp your older apps into Flutter within a few hours.
  • The framework helps in designing more scalable and powerful apps that was not possible earlier.
  • The framework is utilizing advanced ARM features to make apps more suitable for startup ventures.

When you are sure of the benefits of the framework and why industries should utilize it. Now, you should be sure of hiring the best Flutter app development company in India that can help you to utilize all features and capabilities of the framework in your budget.

We, as a leading flutter app development company, assure the best Flutter services by getting a deep understanding of your business and the project. So, drop your requirements today or get in touch with the expert team right away!

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