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Take Your App From Boring to Beautiful with Our Flutter App Development Services

MetaDesign Solutions provides a wide range of Flutter app development services to businesses of all sizes across various industries. Our services include:

Custom Flutter App Development

We develop custom Flutter applications that are tailored to our clients' specific business requirements. Our experienced team of developers works closely with our clients to understand their needs and create innovative and user-friendly solutions.

Flutter App Design

We design visually appealing and intuitive Flutter applications that enhance the user experience. Our design team works closely with our clients to understand their brand and develop an application that aligns with their brand identity.

Flutter App Integration

As a leading Flutter App Development Company, we integrate third-party services and APIs into Flutter applications to provide additional functionality and improve the application's performance.

Flutter App Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that the application is always up-to-date and functioning properly. We conduct regular updates and security checks to ensure that the application is secure and reliable.

Technology Stack for Flutter App Development

MetaDesign Solutions uses the latest technologies and tools to build high-quality Flutter applications. Here are some of the key technologies our expert flutter developers use for Flutter app development:

  • Flutter SDK

    Flutter SDK is the core technology used to develop Flutter applications. It includes a rich set of pre-built widgets, tools, and libraries that developers can use to build high-quality and visually appealing applications.

  • Dart Programming Language

    Dart is the primary programming language used for Flutter app development. It is a modern and scalable language that allows developers to write clean and concise code.

  • Firebase

    Firebase is a backend platform that provides various services like authentication, cloud storage, and real-time databases. MetaDesign Solutions uses Firebase to build robust and scalable backend systems for Flutter applications.

  • Redux

    Redux is a state management library used to manage complex application states in Flutter applications. MetaDesign Solutions uses Redux to build scalable and maintainable Flutter applications.

  • Android Studio and Xcode

    Android Studio and Xcode are integrated development environments (IDEs) used to develop Android and iOS applications, respectively. MetaDesign Solutions uses these IDEs to develop, debug, and test Flutter applications.

Hire Flutter App Developers

We promise, anything you plan would go well. Hire flutter app developers india good at their job.

We have been developing Flutter Apps since 2017, when it was announced at Google I/O. Our Flutter App Developers have developed 10+ Apps already running strong at App Store. With a dedicated team of 10 Flutter Developers in our organization of 300+ developers we are confident in delivering anything you plan for your project. We have extensive experience and we are able to guide our customers the best flutter App development methodologies to be adopted

Our flutter developers are equipped with the latest training, access to knowledge base and reusable components we have created over the years to benefit our customers in realizing their mobile app goals faster and cheaper. We continuously invest in being ahead of the technology curve and to be in a position to suggest the best flutter App development methodologies to our customers.

Our flutter mobile app development services Offering includes full cycle mobile application development, maintenance and enhancements to existing applications and setting up dedicated or shared offshore mobile app development teams. Every customer has equal importance, irrespective of the team size. We work with Startups, SME and Enterprises across the globe.

Why use Flutter App Development Services for your Mobile App Project?

Flutter produces native applications for iOS and Android, hence you don’t miss out on the crisp and smooth user experience which you get with Native Apps. There are more reasons to use flutter.


Developer Friendly

Flutter is developed for developers to be more productive in developing Mobile Applications. It supports many advanced features such as Hot Reloading, which allows you to see live code in action, saving countless hours for a developer. More features such as material design widgets and different themes for iOS and Android make the developer very productive.


Single Codebase resulting into Native Apps

You write code in Dart, a language developed by Google, which looks very familiar to java. The flutter compiles dart code into native iOS and Android Apps with no compromise on performance. If you're looking to make one app different from the other, it’s completely possible to do that as well by employing themes for iOS and Android.


Great Community, Backed by Google

Flutter is built keeping app design and functionality in mind. So there are a whole lot of widgets available to make an appealing app. Flutter gained momentum when Google promoted it in the Google I/O conference in 2017. Flutter community is growing faster compared to any other cross platform mobile development SDK. Thanks to this Flutter has the support of many packages and libraries.

Frequently Asked Questions on Flutter

Flutter is an open-source framework created by the Google and it helps to design cross application development that are usually suitable for the Android and IOS. With its endless array of features, it could replace JAVA soon but it is still an on-going discussion by experts. With the top flutter app development company in India, you can use this technology to its maximum potential and gain benefits that were not possible to enjoy earlier.

When you hire the best Flutter developers in India, it can help you in multiple ways like reduced costs, ready-to-market product, get quality apps, quick TAT, a pool of exerts under one roof, and minimum risk factors.

Yes, we as the best flutter app development company in India make sure that you can enjoy a hassle-free experience and the amazing flutter app development services while associated with us. We have a dedicated support team to help you 24/7 for your inquiries and any further issues too.

Hire a dedicated team of Flutter developers with us that helps to derive most quality code with their expertise. We have a strict quality check process that includes periodic code reviews and design walk-through. We try our best to deliver the best product in the first attempt and creativity level is also stronger than your ever expected.

Yes, we have a team of full-time Flutter developers that will be working dedicatedly on your project, once we are hired. We follow strict quality check processes and make sure that project is always completed on time with utmost quality and efficiency. We arrange regular review meetings too if required.

Other App Development Services Offered By MDS

MetaDesign Solutions, offer a wide range of development services using various programming languages and frameworks. Some of the popular languages and frameworks for mobile app development include Flutter, React Native, Python, Java, Swift, and Kotlin. These technologies offer different advantages and are suitable for different types of projects.

React Native App Development

We constantly evolve with the latest technologies to embrace perfection. With our ReactNative development services, we thrive to create innovative multi platform applications amalgamated with the power of native applications.

Node.js Development Services

Node.js development services typically include the creation of server-side web applications, real-time applications (such as chat or gaming apps), and API development. These services can also include the integration of Node.js with other technologies such as databases, front-end frameworks, and cloud services. Node.js development services may also include maintenance, performance optimization, and troubleshooting of existing Node.js applications.

Java Development Services

Java development services can include the development of custom software, web applications, mobile apps, and enterprise applications. Java developers typically use frameworks and libraries such as Spring, Hibernate, and Apache Struts to create these applications. Additionally, Java Development Services may also include maintenance and support for existing Java-based systems and applications.

our work on


English Learning App

Lalang is an english learning app for children and adults who are looking to learn or improve their command over English. Lalang is also used by schools in many countries to teach their students and can also be used if the students and teachers are located in different parts of the world.

Find Your Fuel

Driev is a UK based app that helps you find charging stations for your electric vehicle on the go. This helps its users never get lost and always be able to find a charging station near by. This is just a small step towards pollution free living.

Rich Dining Experience

Maitre.D is an online food blogging app that allows its users to blog about their favourite restaurants and let other foodies know whats good about the restaurant and what dishes to try. You can also get new ideas from other bloggers on the app what restaurants to try next and where to find good food that makes you excited about your favourite hobby.



We will hear your requirements and suggest you the best flutter app development path for your project. Our technical experts would give you the right advice based on their experience working with different projects.

Why choose MDS as your Flutter App Development Company ?


Flexible Engagement Models

Hire Dedicated Staff either full time or part time based on project needs. No long term commitment required.


Interview Developer before hire

Hire the best suited candidate for your project. Screen profiles and interview candidates before hiring.


Full Protection of IP Rights

All ownership of anything we develop for our customers is full owned by our customers. We sign strong NDA to protect IP of our customers.


Full Transparency

The customer has full access to developers working on the project, with access to time records spent on the project


Free Trial

Every new customer is eligible to avail a FREE Trial of services for which you only pay if you are happy with the services


SLA Driven Process

We use tools and follow mature processes to make remote working efficient and collaborative.


More ROI on every $ spent.

We are not only cheap on hourly rate, but also efficient hence giving our customers the best ROI on every dollar spent with us.


Access to 300+ Engineers Pool

With a combined strength of 300+ Engineers, our team consummate in their field of expertise to deliver high quality, robust software development and testing services.


Certified, Decade old Company

Founded in 2007 and now CMMi Level 3 Certified along with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified.

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Client Reviews

Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5 for MetaDesign Solutions by 500+ clients on
2000+ projects.

I would recommend MetaDesign for anyone looking for Plug-in Development or Workflow Automation using InDesign or InDesign Server. We had a fairly complex InDesign Workflow problem to solve; MetaDesign provided just right the set of suggestions and built custom stuff which was required.

James Walter
Vice President, PublishWise

“We really enjoy working with MetaDesign and his team. Our first project has suffered some delays, but MetaDesign never compromised on the final quality of the product and our full customer satisfaction. Today, the product in service delivered by MetaDesign is the foundation of our personalized books business, and has allowed us to reach an amazing productivity, and getting rid of the human error factor. We see MetaDesign as a real partner for our IT projects and recommend them to anyone”

Mathieu Landman

“MetaDesign is wonderful to work with; reliable, responsible and the finished product is just what we wanted.”

Cassandra Myer
Production Engineer, Product Services, Atex

“I feel sick when I am unable to point finger at someone. Alas! MetaDesign makes me feel sick by giving me no scope to point a finger at their work.”

John Sean
CTO, Brisbane