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Xamarin development shares code across all the leading mobile platforms including iOS, android, Windows and Mac and C# code base is common among all. One of the biggest leverages of Xamarin app development is that it uses object oriented C# language for mobile app development: and by deploying this framework, one writes apps entirely in this language while at the same time, targets the other mobile platforms, by sharing the same code on iOS, android, Windows, Mac and more. It is a matter of satisfaction for the developers as well, because they use Xamarin tools to write native iOS, android and Windows apps with native user interfaces. Therefore, the applications developed, look as well as function as per the user’s priorities and convenience and the way which surpasses their expectations. Moreover, as Apple and Google release latest API’s, this platform remains updated. What makes this framework, a leading choice above others is that these bargaining chips are impossible to achieve with other solutions, but with Xamarin development.

Benefits Of Development using Xamarin

Throwing light upon this section by taking into account Bill Gates very popular quote in which he exclaims, “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”, I would like to discuss that in order to expand one’s business, in today’s scenario, it is indispensable that a wider spectrum of people become aware about it. This can be only achieved by deploying a framework that helps to develop the apps sharing codes across the leading mobile platforms. Xamarin development serves that purpose entirely.

  • Xamarin Development avoids platform specific knowledge and promotes re-use of existing .NET Libraries.
  • Native user interface, native performance and access to specific device features are some of the important benefits which can not be achieved by using other frameworks.
  • Xamarin studio (IDE) leads to code completion in C# which is considered as the best programming language for mobile development, particularly for cross mobile platforms.
  • Xamarin development has offered a massive opportunity to the mobile application developers and business enthusiasts to maximize their presence in this world of mobile revolution.
  • It is unique and particular in a sense that it offers C# class library and run time which functions across all three most renowned mobile platforms, iOS, android and Windows, while at the same time, all takes into account the compilation of native apps.

Cross Mobile Development Using Xamarin

Gartner says, “By 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, generating revenue of more than $77 billion and making apps one of the most popular computing tools for users across the globe.” In corroboration to this, the arrival of different platforms for cross mobile development, ensures maximizing the profits and a great hike in the downloading of apps. Discussed below are some of the reasons why cross mobile development using Xamarin is advantageous to give a fruitful result:

  • Its Test Cloud offers another array of advantages which makes cross platform development effortless and smooth.
  • This is the reason why is it envisaged as the most effective and dynamic framework for cross platform development with Xamarin.
  • Continuous integration, test for fragmentation, object based UI testing and automatic testing of iOS and android apps, becomes all the more easy and immediate.
  • With Xamarin app development, it is far more easy to share code between iOS, android and Windows by deploying portable class libraries and effective application architecture.
  • With the aid of Xamarin studio, one can easily avail the benefits of impressive IDE’s, which gives a perfect boost to the development process, making the task easier and straightforward.
  • Functions that one can perform using Objective C or java, can be done using C# with Xamarin development. In this way, it provides complete access to native API’s so as to develop native apps.
  • Xamarin.Android offers a grand opportunity to the developers to bring out the innovation in themselves. With the help of Xamarin android development, the android SDK, one can have the benefits of android API’s and share an invaluable experience for glass.
  • It may awesome interest you to know that Xamarin is integrated with the Software Development Kit (SDK’s) of all the different operating systems. With this, one gets the capability to use native controls that exist for iPad, android or Windows, that have been coded only once.


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