Virtual Reality Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) in mobile Apps

According to Digi-Capital, by 2020, AR & VR could hit $120 billion and $30 billion respectively.

Over the last year, AR apps have been very successful in the technology world. Many businesses have started to integrate augmented reality within their own apps. Currently, AR and VR are widely used for the development of gaming and entertainment apps. To Showcase a live view of the real-world environment and Virtual Reality to recreate real-life situations, the developers are mainly using AR and the major tech companies have largely invested in AR and VR projects as the demand for the technologies increasing at a fast rate.

Virtual Reality Apps

Wearable App

Wearable devices have evolved the tech trends for fitness freaks, music junkies, foodies, or for the those who are merely in need of direction. These devices took a step further on the road to provide ease of leveraging applications. After the impact of smartphones, wearables are the next generation smart devices that will change the landscape of application development.

According to Forbes, there have been a huge demand of the wearable device(Smartwatches) reaching up to 125 million in 2019, which was about only 50 million in 2015. Also, The figures of Statista says the number of connected devices will increase from 325 million in 2016 to 830 million in 2020.

Wearable Apps

Machine Learning in Apps

Machine learning is very significant for the latest versions of iOS & Android. It can be applied to various forms of technology to produce an incredible output & to deliver the best-personalized user experience.

A large pool of App Developers will leverage upon the Algorithms of the machine learning in the year 2018 to analyze a large volume of data gathered from different sources. Machine Learning lets developers recognize complex patterns & to draw correct insights.
Machine Learning in Apps would eventually be taking the technology world to the next level of success & to help developers to build a Next generations Mobile Apps.

Machine Learning Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A PwC report estimates that AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. AI will have a significant impact on the betterment products and services, and it's expected to grow North America's GDP by 14% by that year.

Artificial Intelligence is ready to transform both consumer & enterprise app development by 2018. And to enhance mobile apps capabilities & user experience, AI technology will make this possible to a large pool of developers.
AI has already enabled many stirring features in mobile apps like automated reasoning, learning behavior patterns, recommendation services etc.
It can be used as a robust tool to access real-time insights through Machine learning technology. Software Developers can create intelligent apps for the Internet of things (IoT)age by using AI.
Nonetheless, AI has enabled the use of Chatbots in mobile apps to stimulate human conversations.

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things (IoT)

Statista report says By 2020, the installed base of the Internet of Things devices will grow to almost 31B worldwide. By 2025, the installed base of IoT devices will be over 75.4B devices and it is not difficult to see as the current trends & developments are favoring the same. With a boom in IoT applications, we can easily predict that the Internet of Things will play an important role in Mobile App Development in 2018, & it would continue to be a good choice to remote devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP provides High Performance and Engagement with flexible results. Its an open-source standard for the publishers to fulfil a supreme goal for faster mobile websites works on the coding language like HTML to increase reliable speed.
It has been proven that the AMP HTML pages load 15-85% faster than the non-amp pages.

Google launched an AMP Project to give a tough competition to Facebook's Instant Articles. According to Google, the Web pages, with rich content like video, animations, and graphics to load simultaneously with the smart ads. And if the same code works across the multiple platforms & devices, would present the content everywhere instantly irrespective of the devices like phone, tablet or mobile.

Accelerated Mobile Pages


A Blockchain is a new form of secured decentralized database. It can be public (like the internet) or private (like an intranet). In today's world, a pioneer Blockchain technology is Bitcoin, a money exchange system. According to Forbes, the global blockchain market is expected to be worth $20 billion by 2014 and currently, 90% of major North American & European banks are exploring blockchain solutions.

The success of a blockchain is immense as it is highly transparent because anyone with the access of blockchain can view the entire chain and that leads to the facts that one-third of the C-level executive are considering blockchain technology.


Mobile payments

With the unprecedented increase in the online banking payments, the inclination towards mobile payments surging a new height. And with the creation of apps like Apple App & Google Pay, the demand of using Smartphones to make online payments reaching a new height.

According to Forrester’s Mobile Payments Forecast 2016-2021, mobile payments in the EU-7 will be worth $148 billion in 2021. It also predicted that in-person mobile payments will grow the fastest, while remote mobile payments will make up two-thirds of mobile payments by 2021.

Mobile payments Apps

Cloud-based apps

In the recent past, there has a huge demand for cloud technology & it accelerated the use of mobile cloud computing in mobile apps. The cloud technologies will be the key tool in 2018 for the development of mobile apps. A survey study says cloud computing technology will cross $270 billion by 2020 and by the same year it is expected that the public cloud will define a 44 percent growth.

The Developers can drastically improve the overall effectiveness of the apps that lead to the further increase in the performance of the mobile apps as they can collect data directly from the cloud. Nonetheless, the reliability, speed & the security of the mobile apps has been increased and will further leverage the analysis of user's data.

Cloud-based apps

On-demand Apps

As the ever competitive world of humans, the demand of a variety of services like cleaning, laundry, Food delivery, beauty services, emergency services, taxi & transport, repairs etc. increasing day by day. With On-demand apps, Life has been much easier as using such apps are very easy and convenient for the mobile app users. The huge of demand for on-demand apps will persuade many Startups & Enterprises to cater the large size users & to make unstoppable revenue by delivering good services through on-demand apps in 2018 and beyond.

On-demand Apps

Application security

Application security is no longer optional. The mobile app security is the new challenge for the enterprise as through the apps most of the users are storing & sharing their personal information and resources. Enterprises also minimizing the risk of the mobile apps as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy persuade them to use their own personal devices and that might affect the mobile apps. Hence, Developers are more cautious in their development approach and many of them will switch to the latest & advanced security features provided by the modern programming languages.

Application security

Why Mobile Apps Are Important For Your Business?

By 2020 Smartphone users might rise to 6 billion globally. Mobile applications are playing a vital role in business to capture a large customer base for your products & services. It encourages workforce within the organization, conveniently access on-demand to information & solutions.

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