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Tizen is an open source operating system that is being developed by Linux Foundation and promoted by Samsung at a faster pace. Tizen operating system is not merely applicable for the smart phones but also through a variety of other devices as well like TV’s, tablets, laptops, in-vehicle devices etc.

MetaDesign solutions have a conscientious team of mobile app developers who have already gained expertise in Tizen software development kit (Tizen SDK). Our dynamic team has kept pace with this latest technology and have gained proficiency in developing mobile apps, supported by Tizen operating system for HTML5 supported devices.

Since its inception, we have been working with Tizen SDK to develop powerful mobile apps. We have developed both Apps and Games for Tizen using HTML5 SDK provided with Tizen. Our engineers having gained efficiency in Tizen Software development Kit, we feel proud to say that, we have earned the capacity to handle Tizen Application framework without any obstacles.


There are several points of advantages to take into consideration of Tizen operating system because any new technology arrives with a set of advancements for making the tasks simpler and easy for the human beings. Discussed below are few of them:

  • Primarily, it is important to envisage that TIZEN is HTML5 based operating system.
  • Having watched the success of Tizen operating system on smartphones, Samsung announced that by 2015, even the smart TV’s would run on this operating system.
  • It is important to consider that Tizen is similar to android, in many ways. Therefore, it can be considered as an alternative for the manufacturers who do not want to engage themselves with Google.
  • Gradually, now Samsung is shifting its devices to Tizen operating system, offering the latter its own platform to develop. In this regard, it can be said coherently that the future ahead is bright and progressive.

And the reason of success for MetaDesign Solutions is its ability to go with the world and to upgrade itself with the times. If you are searching for the services in Tizen application development domain and for developing apps or games for Tizen app store, our name is to reckon with. You must also note that some of the best Tizen apps are mustering huge popularity of the people. Therefore, we are here at your service in Tizen mobile app development.


Our incessant endeavors have paved a way to a complete satisfaction for our clients in various mobile application development services, and Tizen app development is one of our domains of expertise. Here are some reasons why you should consider us as your primary choice:

We have developed several apps for Tizen App Store using HTML5 SDK

  • Because of our capability, we have been able to muster trust of our clients, all over the world
  • We provide customer reference to all new customers so that you can feel free to contact them before investing in our services.
  • We offer 40 Hours of Free Trial of our services so that there remains no second thoughts in your mind regarding our skills and capabilities.
  • It may fall in your interest, we are ISO Certified and a team of 300 people who have already gained huge experience in this domain of app development services.
  • As you are already aware that India is a huge talent pool for software developers and we, being an established company in India gives you an opportunity to explore our talent.

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MDS offers various Business Engagement Models to suit client’s budget.

Fixed Time/ Fixed Cost Project Model

  • Suited for fixed & defined project specification
  • Establish long term business relationships
  • Less flexible
  • Re-negotiation over the required changes

Time & Material Model (T&M)

  • Suited for projects where requirements vary with time
  • Monthly & Hourly rates are charged
  • Suitable for long term projects
  • Applicable for customers looking to extend their Technical Team

Dedicated Team Model (DTM)

  • Working as per the client business needs
  • Cost-effective resource & flexibility
  • Long term business relationship
  • Easy integration with client's existing process

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