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With the ever increasing advancements in technology, there has arrived in the market different mobile platforms. It is said, “ any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” But, with the development of disparate mobile platforms, there appears clouds on the horizon for the enterprises to come up with an application that remains compatible with all the mobile platforms. For that matter, Sencha touch development services can be considered no less than a magic or a blessing for the enterprises. This is because, it is one of the first leading and prominent mobile web application framework, based on HTML5 and JS, for the development of mobile apps that are compatible to all the leading mobile platforms.

Built using Ext JS and HTML5, this framework is assumed as the most popular to accomplish the needs of the apps that are in the mainstream. In other words, one can undeniably make a statement that Sencha touch development services have been able to bring together all the incompatible platforms and have augmented the marketing of the apps remarkably. Thus, it is interesting to note that Sencha touch framework has been able to pave a way flowing with milk and honey for the newly developed applications to reach a wider spectrum of audience and become highly popularised.

It has been estimated that iOS and Android apps generated a total of $8.7B in 2012, a 60% increase over $5.4B in 2011. This is a remarkable figure to have an overview of analysis about the profit generation because of the apps. Enhancing this figures more and expanding the market can be envisaged as one of the benefits of Sencha touch development services. Some of the other advantages of sencha touch development services are:

  • It provides UI components of high performance for the mobile devices.
  • Helps in creating and developing mobile apps for various Operating systems.
  • As this framework is in JavaScript, therefore, data and the way the apps function, can be controlled.
  • Its soothing scroll features, animations help to develop apps as per the clients’ requirements and necessities.
  • Primarily, it is perfectly compatible with all the latest versions of iOS, android, Windows and blackberry mobile platforms.
  • Cost effective and alluring apps can be developed using Sencha Touch, promising high returns of ROI in small investments.
  • Its touch features are highly responsive. Irrespective of what web browser or devices are used, apps developed are always rapid and responsive.
  • Since it is an HTML5 based mobile app framework, it permits users to share experience of enticing UI’s of web applications, which looks exactly the same as native apps, without any significant loss of features.
  • Because of cross platform compatibility, there is less consumption of time, efforts, costs, and resources and simultaneously, there is a wider popularity of a particular app and greater awareness about it among the people.

Cross Mobile Development Using Sencha Touch

In today’s era, when we want speed and all tasks to be accomplished in a minimum framework of time, Sencha Touch mobile web app framework proves to be truly efficient and most effective. Since, it is built using javaScript, it offers extensive support for MVC which expands for Model-view-Controller. Below, there is a brief description and a list of advantages on sencha touch cross platform mobile app development:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Least consumption of time and efforts
  • Wider promotion and awareness of apps
  • Cross platform also gives a unified look and feel.
  • Marketing becomes easier and solutions become cost effective.
  • Need to develop apps only once which would run on all mobile platforms.
  • Faster speed of development is yet another benefit to be taken into consideration
  • native apps can also be created by the developers which works across various platforms.
  • For the development team also, the task becomes rather simplistic as they have to be competent with one language or set of skills.


The question that may be lingering in your mindsets is why you must choose to hire us for Mobile App Development using Sencha. Given below is a list of justifications to your queries and doubts which we must be considered as your prior choice rather than merely an option:

  • We are ISO certified.
  • We have a dedicated project manager to ensure the progress of every project.
  • It is because of our efficiency, we have been able to gather worldwide customer support.
  • Our optimistic approach of dealing with every problem is the reason behind our success.
  • We treat customers as they own us, because they do. We provide atleast 4 hours of time overlap with our customers.
  • Our out of the box thinking and our zeal and enthusiasm have always helped to surpass the expectations of our clients.
  • We have been serving our customers from the past 8 years because of which we have been able to develop wide technological portfolio.
  • We invest in training and knowledge gaining conferences for our developers so that they remain aware of the latest technologies paving their way in the market and endeavor to work upon them.

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