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What makes Katalon an ideal platform for your team?

Being fresh in the market, Katalon Automation Testing Services has already gained considerable popularity for numerous reasons. We also provide several other automation testing services including Selenium, Appium, Sahi and SikuliX.

Katalon Studio is the right choice for both individuals and enterprises and is trusted by many because:


Adaptable and Time-Saving

The installation and use of Katalon Studio are both uncomplicated. The lower learning curve of Katalon allows even those lacking programming experience to automate many platforms and increase productivity. The simple and straightforward interface of Katalon makes it easy to run tests quickly. Using the program's keywords, you can also create test cases fast.


Test Everything Under one Roof

As opposed to fragmented toolchains, Katalon Automation Testing offers a single platform for all test automation functions. Tests for various platforms, including websites, APIs, mobile apps, and desktop applications, are done in one suite using a centralized interface. In addition to supporting macOS and Linux, Katalon Studio is also capable of running remotely from a different Windows device. Your mobile automation project can be started quickly with its components and prebuilt keywords.


Extensive Analytical Reports

Users can analyze tests based on recorded scenarios using an inbuilt data-driven testing module. Organized as built-in reports, Katalon displays the analytics results from multiple data sources, such as PDF, HTML, Excel, and CSV. These reports have a strong visual component, making them easy to use.

Hire Katalon Testing Experts Or Buy Katalon Plans For Your Enterprise

Through practical, cohesive, and innovative test tools, Katalon Automation Testing Company helps teams build better software faster. Our testing solutions help teams of any size at any level of testing maturity. From small teams wishing to start automating their quality process to large enterprises seeking to optimize and tune their quality processes using AI/ML, our tools can greatly help.

The platform is also open, making it easy to integrate with other products and creating a flexible solution for each software team.

Several flexible plans and powerful solutions are available at Katalon for individuals and businesses. We offer free plans for small businesses and advanced plans for medium-large-sized firms and enterprises. We introduced Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine in October 2019 to provide flexible options for various use cases. Most users consider it an advantage that the basic Katalon Studio is free of charge for individual users. For teams and larger projects, the Enterprise version is recommended. It offers a more powerful solution for scalability for businesses and larger projects and has full access to all Katalon plugins. The Katalon Runtime Engine provides Execute tests in CI/CD pipelines or via the command-line interface.

Companies across different industries use Katalon Studio. The Katalon testing solutions have helped over 100,000 businesses transform their testing processes in a wide range of industries. You can also start your automation journey by joining hands with us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Katalon Testing Services

Yes, mobile, desktop (Windows), API and web. The software can also be deployed on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Acceptance-level functional UI-level regression tests. We test that functionality works via UI. For instance, for Flipkart, we test to check if a person is able to successfully purchase a product.

Most teams engage in a certain level of attempts while automating their tests. For such tests, it is normal to face challenges of creating, scaling and maintaining these tests. Your application development usually outpaces your ability to cover new functionality while maintaining test suites.

Katalon will help you exit this cycle with tests that do not require any type of coding. This helps in reducing your team’s efforts during regression testing.

Email, Slack, API, and/or our web app. Totally up to you.

We take security very seriously, that’s why we are SOC2 compliant. We maintain measures intended to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

Yes, we can offer an on-premise solution.



We will hear your requirements and suggest you the automation testing path for your project. Our technical experts would give you the right advice based on their experience working with different projects.

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