We offer end-to-end internet of things services like internet of things software development, internet of things app development, internet of things cloud service.


In IoT - chips, sensors and tags are embedded in a variety of devices such as consumer devices, remote assets, heavy machines, vehicles etc. to establish internet enabled connections which can remotely transfer data easily. This remote connection to all the devices - create a network of devices where you can manage devices, acquire data from devices, perform analytics, etc. Thus, it diminishes downtime, increases return on investment and amplify user experience. Our Internet of Things Developers help clients in providing best internet of things services like internet of things cloud service, internet of things software development, internet of things app development.

It boosts your business as, it relieves risk, decreases overhead time and keep each and everything of your business on a single platform. In addition, it remotely monitors and control operations and sends timely notifications along with streamlining your business operations.

MDS is one of the best IoT Development Company in India providing tailor-made end-to-end internet of things services like internet of things software development, internet of things app development, internet of things cloud service etc., to perform seamless business operations. IoT application empowers you and provides the solution for your operational and maintenance burden across manufacturing, heavy industries, enterprise or service industries. Our Internet of Things Developers have a wide range of industrial experience in internet of things services from smaller projects to big projects and address key operational functions to provide you with maximum benefits with the help of IoT. Being a top notch IoT Development company, we have helped clients of various industry.

Industry covered

  • Retail
  • Mobile
  • Gaming
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Publishing
  • Health Care
  • B2B/E-commerce
  • Hotel/Restaurant
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Banking and Financial
  • Non-Profit Organization


  • Consolidate all your business operations : It unifies operations, extracts value from merged data. Explore data came from IoT systems and cultivate meaningful data out of it.
  • Execution of Intelligent Enterprise :It modernizes business operations which easily integrates with your current business management system to light up your infrastructure, logistics and other expensive operations.
  • Connection :Stay 24*7 connected and operate remotely, all your valuable and pivotal devices, assets, processes, people and system. Stay connected with your assets from anywhere across the globe through a single platform.
  • Data Collection :Acquire seamless real time data and information from mission pivotal devices at any time and you can easily perform processing and analytics. IoT enhances your precision by increasing the visibility of your business operations.


  • IoT asset performance report
  • IoT remote safety and security
  • Internet of Things Cloud Service
  • Internet of Things App Development
  • Internet of Things Software Development
  • IoT tracking of assets
  • IoT upgradation and support
  • IoT controlling and monitoring
  • IoT business operations management
  • IoT optimization of business operations
  • IoT end to end system integration
  • IoT virtual movement/transfer of assets
  • IoT integrated enterprise software solution
  • IoT generation, monitorization and management of live data feeds of assets

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Our Business Models

MDS offers various Business Engagement Models to suit client’s budget.

Fixed Time/ Fixed Cost Project Model

  • Suited for fixed & defined project specification
  • Establish long term business relationships
  • Less flexible
  • Re-negotiation over the required changes

Time & Material Model (T&M)

  • Suited for projects where requirements vary with time
  • Monthly & Hourly rates are charged
  • Suitable for long term projects
  • Applicable for customers looking to extend their Technical Team

Dedicated Team Model (DTM)

  • Working as per the client business needs
  • Cost-effective resource & flexibility
  • Long term business relationship
  • Easy integration with client's existing process

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