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EmberJS vs. Angular debate has been incessant and one question that continues to hover in everybody’s mind, is which one is better and which framework would be convenient to put to use. Here, I would like to throw light on EmberJS Framework, its benefits and how its arrival has brought about advancements in the domain of technology. We as an organization have expertise on both EmberJS and Angular frameworks, choice on which framework to use for development is either driven from customer or a mutual decision based on requirement.

EmberJS Framework is an another amazing and friendly open source JavaScript web application framework which has its basis on MVC, model-­view-­controller framework, software architectural pattern. It has been proved to be extremely beneficial to add on to developer’s productivity. Without a shadow of doubt, it can be said that today, lot of the leading companies use EmberJS and the indispensable advantage which came to the forefront is developer’s productivity. By way of explanation, one can say that it is an out of the box framework, with friendly API’s to help get the work done rapidly, effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, it makes possible for the developers to develop single page apps and enhancing them to the best, by imbibing them with common idioms and finest practices. It may feel contented to know that EmberJS has been designed, by keeping into consideration, the ergonomics of a developer. And the added advantage is that the necessity of writing complex codes has been cut down with the use of Ember’s handlebars integrated templates which update automatically as there are any changes made to the data underlying. In plain english, one can undeniably, say that EmberJS framework is deployed for the creation of ambitious web apps and to ameliorate the productivity than any other javascript framework, to carve out fruitful results.

Benefits of using EMBERJS

Before, the advantages of EmberJS are taken under advisement, there is an attempt to bring to the forefront, an argument of Mike North, Principal UI Engineer and Engineering Lead at Yahoo, according to whom, “Choosing an opinionated framework has really paid off, since we can easily move developers between projects; they immediately know how to start contributing and the proper patterns to follow.” Discussed below are some of the reasons why EmberJS framework must be chosen as a viable one for the development of impressive web applications.

  • Primarily, it manages the complexity of a large application.
  • EmberJS development, makes it quite facile and simplistic in handling the creation of multi pages JavaScript applications, with minimal code written.
  • The most important advantage is less time consumption and efforts. This is because, lot of time is wasted in merely deciding which code architecture is looking suitable and convenient.
  • Another feature that has led to its enhancement is the addition of Ember CLI called http mock. With the help of this one command, the backend for your application is created.
  • Moreover, Ember CLI is a suite of tools, that helps developers to overcome the obstacles that arrive in: organizing codes into modules and creating mock servers for front end.
  • EmberJS development involves friendly APIs which are helpful to develop impressive applications.
  • By being aware of the basic jQuery language, one would be able to catch up models in Ember.


This has always been a hot topic for discourse, whether to go for EmberJS or Angular services. While, on the one hand, Angular is envisaged as a structural framework for the development of single page web applications faster. A client side JavaScript framework, that helps one to effectively manage and organize large and heavy applications. In addition to this, its data binding feature and dependency helps in removing the unnecessary codes. On the whole, Angular framework, helps in making HTML more declarative and provides you with enhanced features like directives.

On the other hand, as aforementioned, EmberJS is a JavaScript framework that helps in adding on to developer’s productivity, because of its friendly APIs and also designed by keeping into account developer’s ergonomics.

Unquestionably, Angular has made the tasks simpler and faster by providing two way data binding and unit testing the JavaScript code with dependency injection. But on the other hand, EmberJS makes handlebar templates even better and its components permits one to take HTML tags which are application specific.

If, Angular does not provide an appropriate guidance on how to use the framework, then, the core team of EmberJS on the other, gives the best guidance and the most suitable practices.

The debate EmberJS vs. Angular is endless, but in order to choose a particular option, it is must that one must know what kind of application one has to develop and depending on that, one can make a better choice.


Gianni Versace has said, “ it’s nice to have valid competition, it pushes you to do better.” Following the same notion, we, at MetaDesign solutions, work hard in all dimensions so as to satisfy our customers and yield productive results. Here are some of the reasons why you must hire us for web application development using EmberJS framework:

  • Our EmberJS developers, have excelled in the development of single page interfaces (SPI) which function in as smooth a manner as desktop application.
  • We have years of experience in the domain of application development.
  • You can hire our skilled EmberJS developers for accomplishing your web projects, at affordable costs.
  • We also invest in knowledge gaining conferences for our developers so that they remain updated about the latest technologies.
  • It is because of this reason that we have been able to gather customer support globally. Hence, we can proudly say that our team of developers are competent enough to provide EmberJS development services.
  • We believe in offering complete satisfaction to our clients. Hence, we provide 4 hours of time overlap with our customers.
  • At MetaDesign Solutions, our EmberJS developers work with all their vigor, zeal and enthusiasm to bring about better results.

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