American Firm SharperAx partnered with MetaDesign Solutions (MDS) to create a comprehensive AI Based Employee Training Platform which covered all possible training scenarios.



SharperAx is a role-play automation solution that lets companies arm their sellers with consistent, relevant and compelling messages. It offers an intuitive cloud and webcam-based system that lets sellers learn from expert sellers within the organization, practice their best stories and receive coaching from managers.


SharperAx Contacted MetaDesign Solutions to create a robust platform which would leverage AI and Machine Learning to train bots which could then be used to train Human Salespeople. The platform needed to have certain critical features and needed to be user-friendly as well.

SharperAx was required to have the following attributes

  • A Smart AI which would be able to handle complex queries and repeated questions
  • AI should not have a robotic voice
  • AI should be able to convey the seriousness of situations so that trainees may be able to understand their problem in the simulation
  • The platform needed to be highly secure so customer’s data would not be at risk
  • A user-friendly and modern Dashboard which could generate reports.
  • Ability to record the following: Webcam, Screencast, Audio, Audio+Video

MDS Solution

To ensure success, SharperAx needed to be secure, robust, intuitive and able to handle a high volume of users. This is in addition to the requirement for the platform to be AI Driven which would give the users the impression they are communicating with a real person, both verbally and via text. The platform enables Administrators/Managers to set assignments for their subordinates and be notified of their progress.

Assignments were of two types:

  • Practice

    Via email, a trainee is assigned a practice video to watch and then to create one of their own on the same topic. To complete this task, the employee must record themselves simulating a conversation with the help of an AI bot. This bot features extremely lifelike conversation skills and is able to convey situational urgency via their tone of voice.

  • View Type

    The trainee is asked to view a training video and then answer a survey which would then quiz their understanding of that video.

    The trainee is asked to view a training video and then answer a survey which would then quiz their understanding of that video.

In both cases, it is possible to detect if the trainee skipped any part of the video. The survey would only be provided to the trainee if they view 100% of the video assigned to them.

  • Front-End Development

    MDS developed an intuitive Front-end experience for the SharperAx platform primarily using JavaScript and JQuery. HTML5 was used to integrate Multimedia recording and screen capturing facilities.

  • Back-End Development

    To facilitate all the functions required by SharperAx, a capable and robust backend was created which could sustain the platform and scale according to demand.

    The Web Platform/Site is primarily based on PHP integrated seamlessly with MySQL.

    A combo of AWS Lambda and NodeJS are used for scheduling services as well as video Analytics. The backbone of the AI Features is created using MS Cognitive Services.

    To ensure robust security for the SharperAx platform, Personalized Amazon services were utilized to encrypt all data.

    In addition to HTML5, Webrtc Wowza engine was utilized for multimedia recording.


Keeping in mind the requirements for SharperAx, there were several challenges faced by the MDS development team during development.


It was necessary for the AI to sound and act as human-like as possible. The MDS team ensured this by using a large bank of pre-recorded answers. Custom Machine learning Algorithms and Custom AI Models to use the correct answers as required.


Live AI Coaching. It was a challenge getting the AI to give Live coaching and give user feedback on their call. The AI had to assist the user with which best practices to use and give feedback on what they did wrong. This was resolved via Custom AI Models and Machine Learning Algorithms.

Business Impact

MetaDesign Solutions delivered a robust and intuitive platform to SharperAx which met each of their requirements. The Platform was subjected to extensive testing and delivered the desired performance and functionality. With MDS Development services, SharperAx has established itself as a pioneering Coaching Platform.

They Trust Us


Client Reviews

Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5 for MetaDesign Solutions by 500+ clients on
2000+ projects.

I would recommend MetaDesign for anyone looking for Plug-in Development or Workflow Automation using InDesign or InDesign Server. We had a fairly complex InDesign Workflow problem to solve; MetaDesign provided just right the set of suggestions and built custom stuff which was required.

James Walter
Vice President, PublishWise

“We really enjoy working with MetaDesign and his team. Our first project has suffered some delays, but MetaDesign never compromised on the final quality of the product and our full customer satisfaction. Today, the product in service delivered by MetaDesign is the foundation of our personalized books business, and has allowed us to reach an amazing productivity, and getting rid of the human error factor. We see MetaDesign as a real partner for our IT projects and recommend them to anyone”

Mathieu Landman

“MetaDesign is wonderful to work with; reliable, responsible and the finished product is just what we wanted.”

Cassandra Myer
Production Engineer, Product Services, Atex

“I feel sick when I am unable to point finger at someone. Alas! MetaDesign makes me feel sick by giving me no scope to point a finger at their work.”

John Sean
CTO, Brisbane