How Safetipin achieved Development and Deployment after partnering with MetaDesign Solutions (MDS).



Based in India, Safetipin is a social enterprise which provides a number of technology solutions targeted at making cities safer, especially for women.

Safetipin is a safety solution which uses apps to collect information and engage with individuals and uses these insights effectively in ensuring the safety of women. Data collected by the Safetipin application is shared with governments, NGO’s, City Planners, and other parties who wish to use this data to make a difference.


Safetipin required a solution which could collect vast amounts of data and a robust and intuitive portal to process this large-scale data. Safetipin needed to generate concise reports based on this data on a full-scale map for each city.

Safetipin required a solution which could achieve the following

  • A product which could collect vast amounts of data and analyze the same.
  • A portal which could process the data captured and classify it into meaningful, contextual segments.
  • A solution which could take regular backups of relevant information.
  • A portal which could generate reports based on data collected.

MDS Solution

After extensive consultations with the client, MDS developed an environment for auditors in Safetipin to quickly have a complete overview of the data being collected along with providing the ability to upload images. This helped in codifying the cities.

MDS created a complete solution using an application stack which included MySQL, PHP, AWS and S3 technologies which were divided across several modules.

  • Dashboard

    A user-friendly interface was created to display information collected via several sources in a concise manner. This information could then be used by several agencies with the right access.

  • Portal

    Developed a robust and Intuitive portal which could process large volumes of data effectively and generate reports based on this collected data.

  • Android Application

    MDS created an Android application which was to be installed on the end user's smartphones. This application would show users their assigned routes and take pictures at regular intervals based on the vehicle’s speed.

  • Backend

    MDS deployed several systems and technologies which would work concurrently to create a stable and scalable backend service for Safetipin.

    Data captured using apps fitted in cars/taxis was seamlessly uploaded to S3 servers. This was collated with the data captured from the portal and processed into meaningful data across various audit parameters.

    PingDom, New Relics were integrated for server monitoring and ensuring uptime. Automated Backups were ensured with a seamless integration of Skeddly.

After successfully stress testing the above, Jobdroid had the following attributes:

  • Intuitive and modern User Interface

  • Integration with other Job portals for specific job profiles

  • Payment portal with which clients could purchase credits to use within the Jobdroid ecosystem

  • The ability for applicants to give their interview online

  • The ability for employers to find the applicant most suited to their requirements within 30 minutes


Safetipin was an extremely ambitious vision which required a multitude of applications and processes working together seamlessly to ensure the service ran perfectly which in turn ensured it’s user’s safety.

MDS Analysts performed a thorough analysis of the project scope and decided on dividing the project into several modules to prevent the service from becoming cumbersome. While ensuring that these processes functioned well concurrently was a challenge, the MDS team chose technologies which would be capable of working together seamlessly.

Business Impact

Post Deployment, the Portal and Application have resulted in several benefits for Safetipin. The backend team is now able to define routes and assign them to drivers with ease. With the dash, Safetipin now has a central place to review a city on the overall data gathered. The dashboard also generates reports on an actual map which also displays the amount of city coverage. The android application assists drivers in getting to know their assigned routes. The application also captures pictures in periodic intervals which are then automatically uploaded to the server. These are then processed and added to the database to increase its viability.

The backend is secured with automated backups and Disaster Recovery procedures. MDS Development and Deployment have ensured a 99.9% uptime for Safetipin making it an extremely reliable safety solution.

The solution provided has benefited Safetipin greatly and has cemented their credibility in the market.

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