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Building a comprehensive Job Portal for a leading Employment service provider in Australia.

How MetaDesign Solutions created an employment platform which would connect employers with relevant job seekers and manage their data in an effective manner.



Jobdroid is an online Employment portal based in Australia featuring an extensive set of tools which helps employers to find the most relevant applicants, especially for Blue Collar jobs. Jobdroid provides a platform which is fast, factual and transparent.

Jobdroid maintains a large database with relevant tags attached to each job listing to aid in finding jobs faster. This database is seamlessly integrated with other job websites such as 1800drivers, Gumtree, and more.


Employment Portal


Online Employment portal

Time Duration

Data Analytics and Insights

Technologies Used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Angular
  • Asp.Net


Technology Challenges Faced

  • Jobdroid’s back-end was created using .NET Core which was a new technology at the time and had no documentation. We had to create unique solutions.
  • The existing systems had poor performance and needed improvement to match up to requirements. A new backend was made in line with the new UX. DB performance was improved after indexing.
  • There were issues in adding new features to the platform. This was resolved by restructuring the architecture.


Solution Strategy Overview

Jobdroid is a comprehensive job portal which caters to a wide range of job profiles. To revamp their legacy systems and ensure a smooth and fruitful user-experience, Jobdroid consists of multiple technologies working concurrently to ensure the user’s get exactly what they need from Jobdroid.

To establish Jobdroid as a premier employment portal, the client required that the platform be easily accessible on a wide range of hardware, and needed the website to be extremely responsive and intuitive on both smartphones and desktops.

To achieve this, the MDS development team utilized the following technologies.

  • Front-End

    To develop a responsive and intuitive front-end experience, MDS used a combination of HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3, Angular in MVC Framework. This ensured that the Jobdroid web portal was responsive and could scale well on mobile platforms.

  • Back-End

    Being an employment portal which catered to a large selection of job profiles, it was essential that Jobdroid be able to handle vast amounts of web traffic. To achieve this, MDS developed a robust back-end framework using C#.Net, ASP.Net 4.5, Netcore 2.1. SQL Server was used to create the Database and Redis for a NoSQL Database.


After successfully stress testing the above, Jobdroid had the following attributes:

  • Intuitive and modern User Interface

  • Integration with other Job portals for specific job profiles

  • Payment portal with which clients could purchase credits to use within the Jobdroid ecosystem

  • The ability for applicants to give their interview online

  • The ability for employers to find the applicant most suited to their requirements within 30 minutes


The Transformative Impact

MetaDesign Solutions delivered a robust and user-friendly employment portal to Jobdroid. This platform was concisely integrated with other platforms and delivered significant performance improvements as required by the client. MDS Development Services have led to Jobdroid establishing themselves as a premier employment platform in Australia.

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