By Default, Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition misses support for WTL & ATL. Following are steps using which you can add support for WTL & ATL to Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition. It is already assumed that you already have Visual Studio 2008 Express edition installed. If not, then click here to download Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition, which is free tool, offered by Microsoft.


  • Click here to Download Platform SDK for Visual Studio 2008. Download all .cab files & store it in a folder
  • Extract file
  • Double click setup.exe to install Platform SDK. In my case I kept my Platform SDK in “C:\PSDK” Folder. You can choose any other folder.
  • Update Global Include Directories in Visual Studio Express Edition. Follow the screen shots below

“Step 1 : Launch Visual Studio Express & go to Tools->Options”


“Step 2: In options Dialog choose VC++ Directories & in Drop Down on top right for “Show Directories for” choose “Include Files” “


“Step 3 : Add path to ATL includes just as I have done”

  • Now open “atlbase.h” file in any Text Editor present ATL Includes directory. Look for #pragma comment(lib, “atlthunk.lib”) & comment this line. Now you are all set to use WTL & ATL with Visual Studio Express Edition.