Porting Android And iOS applications to Windows Phone

Porting Android and iOS Applications to Windows Phone

The progress in the world of technology has brought about some remarkable changes in the human lives today. Our lives have become even faster and impatient that we want all things to be done at a single click. That is why, the activity of apps development has gained pace in this 21st century. But, simultaneously, with this growth, the competition has also increased because every organization wants their app to be live and present on numerous platforms so as to enhance its popularity and to invite a number of users.

Generally, because of the limited number of users of Windows phone and the limited number of apps present in its app store, one gets perplexed in the question that would it be worthy to engage oneself in Windows Phone Application Development? The answer to this question is ‘yes’.

Benefits Of Porting iPhone, Android Apps To Windows Phone!

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The services at MetaDesign solutions serve this purpose and accomplish it with due endeavour and efficiency. Our highly efficient application developers, provide services to our clients in a given time frame as according to their needs and demands. And among the various services, our developers also help to port android and iPhone applications to Windows phone as well. This will serve the several purposes, simultaneously.

  • Primarily, this would help in enhancing the reach to more users so that its sales gain momentum.
  • Secondly, owing to less competition on windows phone market, your business would get more visibility in comparison to your competition.
  • As we all know Windows Phone is an initiative from Microsoft, hence it is bound to stay and grow.
  • Although, the global market share for the Windows phone is still less, about 3.2% in 2013 and 2.5% in 2012. But, at present, it has been envisaged as the fastest growing phone Operating system in Europe and sharing about 10.1% in the global market.

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