Porting Android Apps to Tizen

Porting Android Apps To Tizen

A good news that would steal the hearts of the application developers,it is the arrival of Tizen operating system which has been considered as yet another platform to port their apps and make a large share of users aware about it as well. Since Tizen running phones are cost effective, it has invited many buyers from low and middle classes. At this point, MetaDesign solutions come to your service. We have a dynamic team of mobile app developers who have gained excellence in app development and designing services and also have an in-depth knowledge of Tizen operating system as well.

As we all are aware of the fact that Tizen vs android debate has been in continuity with the coming of Samsung Z1 in January 2015 as because of its advanced features and cost effective services, it has been able to win the hearts of many. With the development of new technology by Samsung in the form of Tizen operating system, the users would benefit technically as well as economically, from it. In India as well as in the neighboring countries, Samsung Z1 that costs around 100USD, became hugely popularized, particularly among the low and the middle classes, because of its cost effective new Tizen operating system.

  • We provide services of porting android applications to Tizen as well so that the app developers are able to make a large share of audience aware about a particular app that they have developed.
  • Our Tizen developers are highly experienced with its HTML5 SDK and developed several apps already.
  • In this way, our endeavors are always to accomplish the demands of our clients so that they remain deprived of any complaints and doubts regarding our services.

Benefits Of adoptiong Tizen Operating System

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Incessant advancements in the domain of technology is the reason why the world has become an interactive global village. However, it has become a much common observation that the best selling technology can fall down anytime as the one with advanced features surpasses it. For instance, previously, iOS was the largest selling operating system taken over Android and now, Tizen operating system is also on the list to compete. In this section, here is an attempt to take into consideration the benefits of developing apps on Tizen operating system:

  • It is an open source operating system and which is most compatible with multiple mobile platforms.
  • Applications developed with Tizen operating system can be launched on other operating systems, with a necessity of making little changes in the codes.
  • Tizen provides full support of developing apps using HTML5.
  • Moreover, it is a matter of contentment for the application developers as well because they would be having their apps not only limited to Tizen market but also to iOS and android as well.
  • In this way, the probability of a particular application becoming successful, increases because it has got the compatibility of different platforms.
  • It has been supported by various other devices like TV, camera or PC.

It is under one roof that various different services are provided by our mobile app development team which include android app development, Windows phone, Tizen app development etc. This ensures that our assiduous employees have gained in depth knowledge and experience in the domain of Tizen operating system as well. Therefore, we feel pride in saying that we are proficient in providing services of porting android apps to Tizen. Unlike android, Tizen has been proved to be cheaper for companies with better features.

Tizen Vs Android Performance

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  • This open source operating system, allows the apps developed with this OS can be launched in iOS and Android as well, with slight changes in the code.
  • This proves to be extremely beneficial for the clients who can have their apps accessible to a wider spectrum of public through Tizen, iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Tizen operating system is much cost effective, giving a competitive edge to Google’s android and is widely popular among lower and middle classes.

By availing the benefits of this service, our clients can give their business the right path that would bear them progress, growth and success. This is because, Tizen operating system is gaining huge popularity among a larger section of people due to its cost efficiency and better features. Therefore, it would be a matter of benefit for our clients to have their android apps to tizen as well. In this way, their application would be reachable to a larger section of people.

Therefore, we also make them aware of all the pros and cons of the services that we offer so that in a long run, they remain aware about them. Not only this, but also, as according to the demands of the customers, we offer different hiring packages. We appreciate that our clients have spent money and time to avail services from MetaDesign solutions and we would not break their trust.

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