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Native Vs Hybrid Mobile Apps

It would not appear astonishing to note that smartphones have not merely changed our lives, but have transformed them entirely. Within a single touch, we are made accessible to all types of information and are possessed with the capability to accomplish different types of tasks. The reason why, today, smartphones have become rock stars of our lives, is the innumerable apps, which have made our lives, not just simpler and faster but also, smarter in a unique way.

As the demand of smartphones is going through the roof, the task of applications development has also gained momentum. This blog is particularly, for the developers who are in the dilemma whether to go for native or hybrid mobile application development. Therefore, here we hold a discussion between the two types of application development to arrive at a particular conclusion, that which one is best.

Native Vs Hybrid Mobile Application Development

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To take into consideration the features of native mobile apps:

  • Native apps are platform specific.
  • This implies that they are developed for a particular platform only (iOS or android), by deploying the development tools and language, according to the platform chosen.
  • Native mobile apps enable to drive full potential of the platform, that one has chosen, with the ability to provide a splendid and simply great user experience.
  • To put it in a nutshell, one can say that native apps provide best possible features and an overall excellent user experience, because it offers the following features:
  • Fast graphics API – it gives you the graphics rapidly.
  • Native platform is multi touch.
  • The native features of a mobile device can be integrated into the mobile apps, in a flawless manner. For example, camera, address book, geolocation.
  • For the users also, who are looking forward towards an app, that functions, not merely in an exceptional manner but is also simple to use, native mobile app is a better option.
  • For documentation of native apps, enough reading material, including the articles, blog posts, books, is available plus, the detailed information on StackOverflow.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

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To recall wikipedia’s definition on hybrid application development “it combines the best (or worst) of both the native and HTML5 worlds. Hybrid apps are built using HTML5 and Javascript, “wrapped inside a thin native container” which makes one accessible to the features and benefits of native platform.

  • It may fall into your interest to note that PhoneGap is the most popular container for hybrid mobile application development.
  • As already discussed, hybrid apps combines the “best of both the worlds”(native and HTML5) as the well experienced native developers can develop proficient and flawless applications with the potential and capabilities of the native platform.
  • Hybrid apps development is envisaged as a cheaper and a rather quicker solution than hybrid apps and can be easily deployed across various platforms.
  • Its simplicity is highlighted because, by adding just a line of code, Cordova permits one to build an application for various platforms.
  • If the phone’s hardware is taken into account, for instance, camera, bluetooth, etc., for this purpose also, Cordova has plenty of plugins that one can use.
  • One limitation that you may face with hybrid apps development is that, it deploys native browser, which indicates that they are not as fast as native apps.


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The whole thing about native apps is about their performance and efficiency. Since, these apps are compiled into machine code, the users are able to share the best performance possible from their mobile devices. On the same token, it must be taken into account that you also can gain full access to phone’s hardware plus the advantage of fast and fluid animations.

But at the same time, the disadvantage is that the process is quite complicated as the same code cannot be used everywhere plus, it may not seem easy to everyone.

In the world of hustle bustle, every person wants to accomplish the tasks in a swipe of a finger. In this tech-savvy era, nobody has time and patience to test the functioning of mobile app, if it fails to work properly in the first two attempts. An estimation has stated that only 79% of people would try to open the app for the second time if it does not function properly in the first attempt.

This is the reason why, for a successful business, user experience matters a lot. Poor user experience would decrease the popularity of your app. Hybrid apps development may be a quick task, which will help your apps to get immersed on various different platforms, in less pain and efforts. But this comes with a backdrop to compromise with ideal user experience and performance.

In order to share a remarkable customer experience, native apps development must be given a priority.


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To put in a nutshell, a discussion on native vs hybrid mobile app development, won’t give you the perfect answer as to which one is best. It is because, they both have their own set of advantages and limitations. Therefore, to get the answer of which one to choose, the users and the developers must decide their own needs and must choose the platform that is most compatible to their preferences.

MetaDesign Solutions has been in the IT domain for more than 8 years, and with this experience, we have gained excellence in hybrid and native apps development services. Our job is not merely to offer our services to our clients but also to provide them consultation about which service would be compatible with their business needs and requirements.

Therefore, to get the answer of which one to choose, the users and the developers must decide their own needs and must choose the platform that is most compatible to their preferences.

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