Importance of VAPT Testing

Importance of VAPT Testing

VAPT means Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

As it is a well popularized notion, the boom in the domain of Information Technology, has taken this world and the life of an individual, to the path of success, prosperity and development, and also pushing the boundaries of our imagination. But, there is no denying the fact that, with this development and ease, arrives a difficulty, when the information security systems are prone to attacks and the organization is badly hit by these activities of the intruders.

Therefore, in order to make sure, that the progress is not hindered by these breakdowns, internet security becomes indispensable and VAPT testing can be envisaged as a feasible and appropriate solution to deal with this problem. This is because, as Jodi Rell says, in support to the above notion, “at the end of the day, the goals are simple : safety and security.”

VAPT testing that expands for Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing, or literally speaking, security testing, is considered as a convenient way of running tests over the internet, to point out the flaws and the vulnerabilities, anywhere and any time.

This blog is an attempt to take into consideration, why is it important to do VAPT testing, what are its benefits and how does a particular organization is benefited with Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Why Must You Go for VAPT Testing

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There are innumerable reasons to justify the reasons to perform Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, the primarily concerned issue is security of your information assets and to predict the threats before they can produce damage.

Safety and Security is a Priority!
  • Helps in keeping your data secure for hackers and spammers.
  • Possible risks are eliminated.
  • Identifies the weakest and the most vulnerable link in the chain and helps in resolving it.
  • Ensures effective working of a particular software.

Better ROI is Ensured!

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  • With the help of these tests, one can scrutinize and evaluate the threats and thus, invest in security funding.
  • Profits would, automatically, double up as the possibility of making business mistakes, would be minimized.
  • Augmented IT security and lowered risks of crashes.
  • If the vulnerabilities are eliminated, a better return of investment, is a positive consequence, plus, assurance of a more appropriate and high quality computing environment is guaranteed.


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  • VAPT testing permits one to search for loopholes in the security architecture.
  • Hackers are looking for ways to penetrate your system and for that purpose, they make use of automated tools.
  • The sole responsibility of VAPT testing is not merely eliminating the loopholes but also make an examination if the other destructive activities are possible or if there are other threats, which can damage your software or application.
  • Ensure your customer’s data and your internal data is safe and secure.
  • VAPT Certification promotes trust within your customers to use your software.


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  • The added advantage of VAPT testing along with your system’s security, is its low TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Detection of attack paths becomes all the more easy, which may get skipped in case of manual testing.
  • Penetration tests also helps in measuring the severity and the extent of flaws.
  • Offers an opportunity to deal with a network attack and hence, provides security training.
  • Before, an application gets live, one gets an appropriate time to perform its testing.

These benefits imply that VAPT testing is a dedicated and proactive way of keeping the system secured and incessantly under analysis, so as to eliminate the risks of intruder’s attacks. This is ensured by predicting the hacker’s intentions and performing security measures before the hackers make an attempt to penetrate into your network.

Concentrating upon Thomas Huxley’s perception which says, “the man of science has learned to believe in justification, not by faith but by verification.” And this is what we endeavor to perform at MetaDesign Solutions, our dynamic team of software testers, make sure that any software or application remains at a distance from all sorts of vulnerabilities. We help our clients to pay more attention towards accelerating the success of their business, we would take the responsibility of safety, security and IT vulnerability management, to avoid all hindrances in the path of development.

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