Benefits of Gamification

5 Benefits of Gamification in Enterprise Industry

The latest tech word which is creating a buzz all over the enterprise industry, is the concept of gamification. This notion has been gaining popularity at a faster pace, be it education sector, enterprise industry, health, marketing, corporate training, etc. ‘Engagement’ with the employees and the customers and ‘motivation’ are envisaged as the two reasons why the enterprises today, are inclining towards adopting this concept, that would, consequently, take their business to achieve overwhelming victory.

Gamification is not merely about games but it is about aspiring for a successful business and fill the people with motivation and the competitive spirit, with the help of data.
Let us take the instances of credit card companies and airlines which have been engaged in this concept of gamification for years now, in order to tempt customers, to win rewards and simultaneously, the names of their brands get highlighted and reach the attention of the people.

Sometimes, there are some companies which show reluctance in following this notion of gamification, as they do not feel assured about the ROI, of gamifying their website or the product. But, in contradiction to this, it has been said, “ the notion that any company can be innovative through their internal R&D efforts is an obsolete one.” Therefore, it is coherent that in order to walk on the path of progress, gamification can be envisaged as a viable option. It can be considered as an essential step towards evolution of business and management practices, and an enthusiastic way to inspire people.

Here are Some Essential Benefits That Must be Taken into Consideration:

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and a successful platform so that your business can grow and flourish. Enterprise gamification, as a concept, arrives to the forefront, at this point. This is due to the reason that most gaming platforms ask for people’s valid email id or social media credentials, which would definitely help to serve your purpose. In this case, there is no need to take into perception the success of the game because, you have received what you had been aiming for.

Now, an enterprise can directly, reach the people’s attention and ask for the feedback of their product, in order to get involved in its advancement. Therefore, gamifying can be considered as a new and innovative or rather one can say, competent tool to help you reach the people and mark an imprint of your product on their mindset.


In businesses also, this concept has been deployed increasingly to make the work environment fun loving and inspirational for the employees. At most of the places, the employees are trained by taking into utility this notion so that they can augment the productivity and bring about rewarding results.

Motivation, inspiration is what the employees will earn and the added advantage is that they would remain aware about their performance, which would help in self improvement.


The companies are engaged in taking the concept of gamification to escalating heights as they help in the Development of Games that are in sync with business objectives giving a hike to overall productivity. This would help the employees in understanding better and that too, in a practical manner, and also expand their dimensions of perception so that they can come up with innovative ideas to help develop the business faster.

This is coherent that gamification is a one time business investment that comes up with an assurance of bearing sweet fruits throughout.


The highly honoured business magnate Bill Gates perception holds true as according to him, “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” If a company values and scrutinizes customer feedback, it gets an opportunity to make positive and necessary changes in its ways to accommodate new ideas and keep a track as to where it’s business is leading to.

Enterprise gamification is one of the highly efficacious ways by which the customers find it pretty easy and feasible to get to know and comprehend the functions of the product, and put forward their opinion.


It is not a matter of astonishment to take note of the fact that gamifying is also envisaged as an effective education tool. This is because it helps in grabbing the interest of the students and enhance their participation, engagement and interaction in the class.

Consequently, this would help in making the concepts clear, creating an ambience of interaction in the class, transforming the entire idea of classrooms from mundane and monotonous to connected and independent.

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The explanation of these points is an evidence of the fact that gamification in industry will reap rewarding results and will open up the gates of success of any business. It can be taken as a step forward and a step advanced to enhance the human understanding and human interaction, as Gabe Zichermann says, “ it’s about understanding the evolving science of human engagement in a way that produces long term results.”

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