pros and cons of xamarin development

Pros and Cons of Xamarin Development

Envisaging the expanding market of smartphones, it is not an astonishing fact that by 2017, there will be around 268 billion of application downloads that would be responsible to generate about 77 billion dollars of combined avenue. The figures just don’t stop here but the analysis portrays the fact that by 2017, more than one third of world’s population will be using the smartphones. This coherently shows that applications development will give a perfect uplift to your business.

But the problem arises as people use different operating systems, therefore, there is an inclination towards developing applications that run flawlessly on various different platforms. Apart from appcelerator titanium development and Unity3D development which are commonly deployed as cross platform SDK, another cross platform language whose popularity is gaining momentum these days in the software market, is Xamarin development

Enveloping the major leading mobile platforms, including iOS, Windows, android, Mac, C#, xamarin has opened up wide dimensions for the enterprises to cover a wide spectrum of people and to catch their attention through their apps. One could say that its biggest advantage is that it uses object C# language for applications development while also, covers the diversified platforms. The apps developed function in accordance with the user’s requirements and priorities.

Since 2006, MetaDesign Solutions has been offering adequate business software solutions to its clients and have also gained expertise in cross platform development with Xamarin. In this blog, here is an attempt to analyse the pros and cons of Xamarin development.

Pros of Xamarin Development

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  • It is envisaged as the only flexible framework that covers the major platforms, without taking for granted the quality and performance of apps.
  • Cross platform language is cost efficient and reduces the time to market with consumption of efforts. This is due to the reason that about 70% of code written can be deployed across different major platforms.
  • Its cross platform functionality does not negotiate with its capability to deliver high performance apps. Plus, with the help of native API’s, it helps in creating excellent user interface and user experience that the users of various devices get used to.
  • Incessant advancements in technology have revolutionised our lives and applications development has added to it. Xamarin app development is of extreme benefit for the enterprises particularly, who aim to maximize their presence in the market and grab the attention of many.
  • Cross platform becomes all the more simple and facile, because of its test cloud, which makes the task truly effortless.

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Cons of Xamarin Development

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Apart from its scalability, flexibility and cross platform prowess because of which it has done a bang on job for various enterprises and people who want to flourish their business well, this framework is accompanied with various negatives as well.

  • Although, it works on the perspective, “write once, run everywhere” but in reality this is so not the case in true sense. This is because, although most of the code can be ported across different platforms but the core UI development cannot be. This clearly implies that some efforts need to put in coding across various platforms.
  • This implies, that it needs UI code for every platform which can consume a lot of time.
  • In case of iOS and android app development, Xamarin is not able to use open source libraries.
  • It is not, “write once, run everywhere” in true sense as in native apps developed, code developed for Xamarin environment cannot be used there.
  • Any app grabs hold of people’s attention when it is responsive and takes a minimum startup time. Apps developed on Xamarin platform involve linking of codes and referencing between .Net frameworks and target operating systems.
  • This increases the download time and the start up time, questioning its efficiency.

In order to develop an application, it is primarily important to envisage whether it is much complicated or no, or whether it can be developed on native platforms or not. This decision determines the success of an app because customers now days want every single thing in an instant or in merely a single click. Testing their patience would definitely negotiate with the proficiency and success of your app. Therefore, if it is not for multiple platforms and if it is not intricately complex, in that case, one can also go for native app development.

MetaDesign Solutions is a competent software development company which puts all their endeavors to provide reliable solutions to its clients so that by applying our competences, we can bring your dream of a successful business true. We have proves our prowess in different domains of development, be it native or cross mobile, our excellence would not leave you disappointed. With a team of 300+ developers, we have given success to more than 500 projects in various domains.

For cross mobile apps development, Xamarin is accompanied with a list of exceptional benefits and is a viable option to expand your presence on the internet because as Bill Gates perception holds true when he said, “ if your business will not be on the internet, your business will be out of business.”

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