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9 Years of Successful Service Offering

With the advent of 21st century, number of advancements in the technological domain, particularly in the IT sector has been at an alarming rate. Not only have these developments made our lives easier but have also enabled the enterprises to establish a firm ground for their businesses in the market. On the similar lines, MetaDesign Solutions has been offering custom software development services and software testing services for 9 years now. We have an experienced and competent team of developers, team leads, selenium developers and project managers who remain updated about the latest technologies. They have already proved themselves successful by accomplishing more than 500 projects on various technologies. After having completed many projects on AngularJS, we are considered as one of the most reputed angularjs development company.

Metadesign Solutions has been catering expedient business related IT solutions to its clients since 2006. We take pride in stating the fact that within this span of time, we have been able to acquire a global customer footprint and achieving our clients satisfaction is not merely our responsibility but our aim. We are a team of 300+ people who have been able to accomplish about more than 5000+ projects worldwide in offering custom software development services and worked with 500+ customers globally. What makes us trustworthy among our clients is the fact that we offer them up to 80 hours of free trial service so that there remain devoid of any doubt regarding the quality of services we offer.

Moreover, we do not refrain from offering customer references to all our new clients. This is done to make sure that they remain assured that they are investing their money at the right place and with the right people.

Apart From This, Talking About Company’s Statistics

Automation testing services for mobile apps

  • We are a diligent team of 300+ people.
  • We have proved ourselves successful in custom software development services by offering around 400+ mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Tizen for customers all over the world.
  • We have already provided our services in 30 different domains, and we take pride in saying that we have received appreciation from our clients all over.
  • Our team of selenium developers have already completed about more than 200 projects on automation testing using Selenium and the other innovative tools.
  • Since the inception, we have also been working with fortune 500 companies.
  • It makes us feel great that we are the “Preferred Offshore Software Testing Partner” of more than 200 clients.
  • We have a dynamic team of 50+ selenium developers who are well experienced in automation software testing using QTP, Selenium, SAHI and other testing tools.
  • Our list of Fortune 500 customers include Coca Cola, Aviva Life Insurance, Samsung, Philips.
  • We work on the motto that to develop your business is our business and we treat our customers as if they own us because they actually do.

Professionalism is the guiding principle that we follow and also we keep ourselves updated about all the latest technologies. Without a shadow of doubt, we can say that in this 9 years journey of successful service offering in the domain of custom software development services and software testing services, MetaDesign Solutions has proved itself ahead of the game in helping our customers to take their business to the successful heights.

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benefits of automation testing

Benefits of Automation Testing for Your Web App

I would like to begin this blog by taking into discussion the saying of the world renowned business magnate Bill Gates, “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” This is the reason why the last decade has witnessed a soaring rise in the digital economy development. When it comes to software development, then ‘agility’ is what every enterprise and organization demands. This is because speed, quality, efficiency and that too at affordable costs are the features that one expects in any software.

Therefore, automation testing has come to play its part to enhance this pool of development and to alleviate unnecessary flaws and anomalies from any application, so that the users find its functionality absolutely exceptional. By properly analysing the user interactions, automation testing presents a clear understanding and a coherent picture to the clients, telling them how their app will actually perform.

For the successful development of any business, it is necessary to maintain favorable relations with the end users, by providing them quick and efficient services which suits their requirements, at minimal costs. Let us take the instance of credit cards/ debit cards functionality. In such faster times, nobody would have the time to go to bank for reissue of the card if one finds flaws in its functionality. The consequence would be that the users, gradually would begin to lose trust in the services of that bank.

Similar is the case with applications development also. The last two years have witnessed development at such a faster pace in IT sector that there is a tough competition in the market. This arises a need for the development of a mobile or a web app that remains devoid of any threats or bugs, that has a faster runtime and can get easily downloaded. That is why, software automation testing/ mobile automation testing for your web app or mobile app comes to play a prominent role so that your app doesn’t suffer any disruptions in its way to become successful. Without a shadow of doubt, one can say that automation has become mandatory in software testing procedures.

Manual Testing as Opposed to Automation

Automation testing services for mobile apps

There may arise innumerable permutations and combinations in manually testing each and every function of the app and the problem aggravates when the tests have to re-run every time the software changes. This may prove to be much costly and tedious for the engineers working on them as well as for the clients who expect a faster delivery. Moreover, while manually testing a particular software or an application can eventually delay its release as the common human errors, bugs or defects may remain.

For automation testing, platforms like Selenium is deployed. which saves much of the manual effort to test every feature of the web app. In this way, the upcoming release would be much rapid. It can be envisaged as a prominent cost effective solution if one is looking for an application that is scalable, robust and of high quality because the growing stiff competition in the IT sector demands this. The end users have a long list of choices available in front of them but your application should be the one which must appear and function ahead of the game and automation does this task for you.

  • Increased efficiency is guaranteed
  • High quality is ensured
  • A perfect cost effective solution
  • Speedy development and deployment
  • Popularity of a particular app is at its best!

Selenium Automation Testing

selenium automation testing

It is merely not a tool deployed in automation but a suite of softwares that comes with innumerable testing functions to meet the requirements of the web apps.

  • This is a platform which enables the clients to get a clear picture of how their application will show the real time behaviour. It may fairly become easy for them to judge and analyse the end user’s reactions to it.
  • It is its scalability and flexibility which adds to the list of advantages. It can be used along with the other testing tools which consequently increases the testing coverage, the devices and the operating systems to conduct the tests.
  • Selenium automation testing records the behaviour as one runs the website and play the steps automatically in the web browsers, alleviating the need to test every function of the app or software specifically.

Whether it is for mobile app testing or it soaring popularity among the game developers, automation has always been in practice to yield better and scalable results and most importantly, to enhance the productivity of the software.

Less time and lesser efforts are guaranteed as the tests can run in parallel, along with the assurance of a better quality of product with less bugs and defects.

MetaDesign Solutions is a prominent automation testing company,  which has managed an entice of over 250 customers in providing automation testing services. We see our achievement in the satisfaction of our clients and we put all our endeavors to achieve that. We have a well experienced team of developers, testers, leads and engineers who work in a professional way to provide adequate software development and testing services to our clients. Go for automation testing services from MDS, if you want to see your app ahead of the game and reaching the soaring heights of popularity.

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benefits of continuous integration

5 Benefits To Use Continuous Integration

Efficiency and effectiveness are the two words that one aims to look for, in software’s development domain. Another important term that comes to the forefront is business agility as every organization or enterprise puts all their endeavors to achieve it. The quality of software developed, the amount of time spent and the visual display of the work done, all determines the productivity in business and its success. This is the reason why continuous integration as a new and advanced software development & delivery method is gaining momentum at a faster pace. It makes sure that as the software is built, it is continuously tested, in order to come up with the defects and bugs regularly. It ensures the efficiency of a software as well as build a sense of confidence in the developers.

According to the traditional methods of software development, continuously integrating and checking the code may not be possible and the developers may work without realizing the fact that many bugs and conflicts are being generated, in the process. The problem rises when many programmers share the code. This is the reason why continuous integration has become a buzzword in software development, today, in order to produce robust code and cut off the duration of debugging cycles.

This blog takes into discussion some of the important benefits of continuous integration and it is an assurance that quality code and efficiency are the two words you may find resounding at the end of this discussion.

QUALITY ASSURANCES- Since, there are lesser chances of bugs and conflicts in the development and the deployment process, it is obvious that the reputation of the company and the productivity of your business would reach the heights.

Continuous integration servers such as Bamboo and Jenkins enables the automation of a release management and makes sure that the new changes integrate well into the existing code base. Several purposes are fulfilled at the same time, it is about efficiency of the software developed, automated release management and faster delivery without getting into the hassles of debugging.

Continuously integrating codes suggest that the conflicts are rapidly found and are quickly fixed which implies that any particular application reaches the hands of the clients, in a correct state.

AUTOMATION TESTING IS THE ADDED ADVANTAGE- Getting involved in manual testing can be really hectic and nerve wracking, plus humans are prone to committing errors in the same. Therefore, deployment tasks are automated to make sure that a particular process is being followed, which will run in the same every time the code is put into the repository. Again, this helps in serving dual purposes:

  • Eradication of repetitive human labour so that people may contribute their efforts towards other tasks of development.
  • Efficiency and improvements will be the results at the end.

IT IS ABOUT CONFIDENCE IN THE SOFTWARE- An enlarged benefit of continuous integration software is that it build up the confidence in the developers to make new changes as something goes wrong in developing software/application. The team remains aware that tests are being continuously performed with every build, project coding follows the standards and the product’s functionality is appropriate.

At the back of mind, clients as well as the developers remain assured about the productivity and functionality of software/product produced.

ENABLES A BETTER PROJECT VISIBILITY- Recent data or updates are necessary to support decisions for the success of any project. Traditional methods convey that the team has to put in their efforts and time manually, to gather relevant information. But with continuous integration software, project visibility enhances as :

  • It provides relevant real -time information on the recent build and thus, enables to make effective decisions.
  • With continuous integration, the ability to notice trends frequently, code quality and to judge the success/failure of build enhances.
  • It enables to generate API like documentation of the code, thus enabling the developers and other team members to view the software architecture immediately.

ISOLATING ERRORS- There can be no doubt saying that continuous integration testing sets up the speed and automates workflow as well as builds up the confidence in the developers that they can make improvements without being with the fear of software break down. Some of the worse situations arising in post deployment testing or in production environment can be avoided. Moreover, clients remain assured that their project is in safe hands.

Continuous integration testing rings a bell whenever a software or application encounters an error, to make sure that, the errors are not taken up to staging or production environment. This concludes that efficiency, effectiveness and productivity are guaranteed if a good CI setup is chosen.

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Importance of VAPT Testing

Importance of VAPT Testing

VAPT means Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

As it is a well popularized notion, the boom in the domain of Information Technology, has taken this world and the life of an individual, to the path of success, prosperity and development, and also pushing the boundaries of our imagination. But, there is no denying the fact that, with this development and ease, arrives a difficulty, when the information security systems are prone to attacks and the organization is badly hit by these activities of the intruders.

Therefore, in order to make sure, that the progress is not hindered by these breakdowns, internet security becomes indispensable and VAPT testing can be envisaged as a feasible and appropriate solution to deal with this problem. This is because, as Jodi Rell says, in support to the above notion, “at the end of the day, the goals are simple : safety and security.”

VAPT testing that expands for Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing, or literally speaking, security testing, is considered as a convenient way of running tests over the internet, to point out the flaws and the vulnerabilities, anywhere and any time.

This blog is an attempt to take into consideration, why is it important to do VAPT testing, what are its benefits and how does a particular organization is benefited with Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Why Must You Go for VAPT Testing

AngularJS Routing

There are innumerable reasons to justify the reasons to perform Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, the primarily concerned issue is security of your information assets and to predict the threats before they can produce damage.

Safety and Security is a Priority!
  • Helps in keeping your data secure for hackers and spammers.
  • Possible risks are eliminated.
  • Identifies the weakest and the most vulnerable link in the chain and helps in resolving it.
  • Ensures effective working of a particular software.

Better ROI is Ensured!

Mobile App development using angularjs framework

  • With the help of these tests, one can scrutinize and evaluate the threats and thus, invest in security funding.
  • Profits would, automatically, double up as the possibility of making business mistakes, would be minimized.
  • Augmented IT security and lowered risks of crashes.
  • If the vulnerabilities are eliminated, a better return of investment, is a positive consequence, plus, assurance of a more appropriate and high quality computing environment is guaranteed.


Hire for Mobile App Development

  • VAPT testing permits one to search for loopholes in the security architecture.
  • Hackers are looking for ways to penetrate your system and for that purpose, they make use of automated tools.
  • The sole responsibility of VAPT testing is not merely eliminating the loopholes but also make an examination if the other destructive activities are possible or if there are other threats, which can damage your software or application.
  • Ensure your customer’s data and your internal data is safe and secure.
  • VAPT Certification promotes trust within your customers to use your software.


case studies of angularjs framework development

  • The added advantage of VAPT testing along with your system’s security, is its low TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Detection of attack paths becomes all the more easy, which may get skipped in case of manual testing.
  • Penetration tests also helps in measuring the severity and the extent of flaws.
  • Offers an opportunity to deal with a network attack and hence, provides security training.
  • Before, an application gets live, one gets an appropriate time to perform its testing.

These benefits imply that VAPT testing is a dedicated and proactive way of keeping the system secured and incessantly under analysis, so as to eliminate the risks of intruder’s attacks. This is ensured by predicting the hacker’s intentions and performing security measures before the hackers make an attempt to penetrate into your network.

Concentrating upon Thomas Huxley’s perception which says, “the man of science has learned to believe in justification, not by faith but by verification.” And this is what we endeavor to perform at MetaDesign Solutions, our dynamic team of software testers, make sure that any software or application remains at a distance from all sorts of vulnerabilities. We help our clients to pay more attention towards accelerating the success of their business, we would take the responsibility of safety, security and IT vulnerability management, to avoid all hindrances in the path of development.

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