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9 Years of Successful Service Offering

With the advent of 21st century, number of advancements in the technological domain, particularly in the IT sector has been at an alarming rate. Not only have these developments made our lives easier but have also enabled the enterprises to establish a firm ground for their businesses in the market. On the similar lines, MetaDesign Solutions has been offering custom software development services and software testing services for 9 years now. We have an experienced and competent team of developers, team leads, selenium developers and project managers who remain updated about the latest technologies. They have already proved themselves successful by accomplishing more than 500 projects on various technologies. After having completed many projects on AngularJS, we are considered as one of the most reputed angularjs development company.

Metadesign Solutions has been catering expedient business related IT solutions to its clients since 2006. We take pride in stating the fact that within this span of time, we have been able to acquire a global customer footprint and achieving our clients satisfaction is not merely our responsibility but our aim. We are a team of 300+ people who have been able to accomplish about more than 5000+ projects worldwide in offering custom software development services and worked with 500+ customers globally. What makes us trustworthy among our clients is the fact that we offer them up to 80 hours of free trial service so that there remain devoid of any doubt regarding the quality of services we offer.

Moreover, we do not refrain from offering customer references to all our new clients. This is done to make sure that they remain assured that they are investing their money at the right place and with the right people.

Apart From This, Talking About Company’s Statistics

Automation testing services for mobile apps

  • We are a diligent team of 300+ people.
  • We have proved ourselves successful in custom software development services by offering around 400+ mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Tizen for customers all over the world.
  • We have already provided our services in 30 different domains, and we take pride in saying that we have received appreciation from our clients all over.
  • Our team of selenium developers have already completed about more than 200 projects on automation testing using Selenium and the other innovative tools.
  • Since the inception, we have also been working with fortune 500 companies.
  • It makes us feel great that we are the “Preferred Offshore Software Testing Partner” of more than 200 clients.
  • We have a dynamic team of 50+ selenium developers who are well experienced in automation software testing using QTP, Selenium, SAHI and other testing tools.
  • Our list of Fortune 500 customers include Coca Cola, Aviva Life Insurance, Samsung, Philips.
  • We work on the motto that to develop your business is our business and we treat our customers as if they own us because they actually do.

Professionalism is the guiding principle that we follow and also we keep ourselves updated about all the latest technologies. Without a shadow of doubt, we can say that in this 9 years journey of successful service offering in the domain of custom software development services and software testing services, MetaDesign Solutions has proved itself ahead of the game in helping our customers to take their business to the successful heights.

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Mobile Website Vs Native AppsMobile websites vs Native apps for your business?
Mobile websites vs Native apps, a hot debate that interests everyone who is looking to have a mobile business. Once you establish that a mobile presence is not an option but a necessity today, the next decision to make is whether to have a mobile web app or a native mobile app or probably both. At first glance, it is possible to mistake them for the same thing and both provide a satisfactory user experience. Two defining factors to be kept in mind while making this choice are, budget and requirement.

Developing mobile applications entails expertise in different SDKs for different platforms. This means a higher cost of investment and for a small to mid-sized organization this could be a serious consideration. Even large well-known companies may sometimes require a low budget app. Under such situations mobile web apps are a wiser venture. They do not require special SDKs for different browsers and so prove to be more pocket friendly and time effective. Not only is the initial cost of investment high but also the long-term support and maintenance cost of native mobile apps is higher.

Secondly you have to outline your requirement. If you are just starting out in the mobile internet arena and want to be reachable to maximum mobile users, the better choice would be to have a mobile website rather than a more specific mobile app. Mobile websites are more easily reachable as one does not have to go through an online store to access it. Users do not have to manually upgrade the version. A web app released in any form will be displayed uniformly to all users it does not entail approval of an app store which is the case with mobile applications. Mobile website links can be shared between among users whereas a mobile app cannot be. It needs to be downloaded and installed from the online store.

A mobile application is preferred in scenarios where either the regular website is so well established that making a specific app simply strengthens the marketing or when an application is to be built to serve a very specific purpose on a certain mobile phone say a gaming application.

Mobile applications generally make use of some native features of the mobile like GPS, memory, camera and computing power whereas mobile web apps have restricted access to these features. They are more of a mobile friendly way of making their content available to users. A native mobile app is more easily searchable through the online store which also provides a quality and safety review. Although mobile apps cannot be shared, they have the advantage of being used offline as well unlike internet enabled web apps. Mobile apps are especially useful to those websites which draw heavy traffic on their regular website. As they are developed very specifically, the speed and performance of mobile applications are higher than their web counterparts.

Statistically speaking, if you want to market yourself to the people who use the internet for shopping, surfing and entertainment purposes you should opt for a web browser and for the purpose of data management, navigation and social media networking a mobile application is advisable. The world of mobile internet is here and now is the time to have a sound mobile business in place. There are risks involved in making choices and decisions but these are necessary risks. The ultimate decision of choosing between mobile applications and mobile websites should be made keeping in mind all the criteria, requirement, target market and technical aspects.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is where the barrier between the real and the computer aided merges.

Video games have come a long way from the 2D Mario days to life like graphics and game environments that are pushing the boundaries of photorealism. It is almost as if computer generated images and sounds are pulled out of the system and integrated with the real world, enhancing or augmenting the reality. The technology involves adding haptic feedback, sound, smell, graphics, videos or any other form of computer generated sensory input to give a direct or indirect view of the real world replacing it with an enhanced one. Augmented Reality alters the perception of the world as we normally view it. The ultimate achievement of the augmented reality technology would be a normal looking pair of glasses that will display informative graphics coinciding with what is seen.

The most common and most popular medium on which augmented reality is portrayed is the mobile augmented reality where AR is customized for the small screen. It animates the world as seen through a mobile device. Mobile AR applications can offer two types of augmented reality experiences, one is vision based and the other is geolocation based. In vision based mobile AR, real world objects are superimposed with digital content whereas the latter makes use of features like the GPS and other mobile sensors which display points of interest.

Although it has not yet acquired its full form, certain AR applications are already in use, supported by the iPhone as well as a few Android phones. One application Layar, allows users to learn about the details of a particular building simply by pointing the camera by at it. It makes use of the phone’s GPS capabilities and camera to display information about nearby restaurants, building history and other amazing details. So it is evident that the introduction of augmented reality to the mobile world has led to a heightened interactive experience, with a promise of revolutionizing the mobile experience.

MetaDesign Solutions takes keen interest in development of augmented reality applications for the mobile phone. We stay upto date with the latest developments in this quickly blooming and evolving technology of AR. Our AR applications are created on the basis of three basic steps; 1. Recognition of image or object, 2. Localization on a real time environment and 3. superimposition of computer aided sensory inputs. Here you can discover successful mobile AR applications and be a part of this augmented reality. We create augmented reality products for a variety of industries, be it enhanced training sessions for the education industry, virtual fitting rooms for fashion clients, creating brand recognition for social networks, elevated location based service for restaurant businesses, AR games and much more.