benefits of automation testing

9 Years of Successful Service Offering

With the advent of 21st century, number of advancements in the technological domain, particularly in the IT sector has been at an alarming rate. Not only have these developments made our lives easier but have also enabled the enterprises to establish a firm ground for their businesses in the market. On the similar lines, MetaDesign Solutions has been offering custom software development services and software testing services for 9 years now. We have an experienced and competent team of developers, team leads, selenium developers and project managers who remain updated about the latest technologies. They have already proved themselves successful by accomplishing more than 500 projects on various technologies. After having completed many projects on AngularJS, we are considered as one of the most reputed angularjs development company.

Metadesign Solutions has been catering expedient business related IT solutions to its clients since 2006. We take pride in stating the fact that within this span of time, we have been able to acquire a global customer footprint and achieving our clients satisfaction is not merely our responsibility but our aim. We are a team of 300+ people who have been able to accomplish about more than 5000+ projects worldwide in offering custom software development services and worked with 500+ customers globally. What makes us trustworthy among our clients is the fact that we offer them up to 80 hours of free trial service so that there remain devoid of any doubt regarding the quality of services we offer.

Moreover, we do not refrain from offering customer references to all our new clients. This is done to make sure that they remain assured that they are investing their money at the right place and with the right people.

Apart From This, Talking About Company’s Statistics

Automation testing services for mobile apps

  • We are a diligent team of 300+ people.
  • We have proved ourselves successful in custom software development services by offering around 400+ mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Tizen for customers all over the world.
  • We have already provided our services in 30 different domains, and we take pride in saying that we have received appreciation from our clients all over.
  • Our team of selenium developers have already completed about more than 200 projects on automation testing using Selenium and the other innovative tools.
  • Since the inception, we have also been working with fortune 500 companies.
  • It makes us feel great that we are the “Preferred Offshore Software Testing Partner” of more than 200 clients.
  • We have a dynamic team of 50+ selenium developers who are well experienced in automation software testing using QTP, Selenium, SAHI and other testing tools.
  • Our list of Fortune 500 customers include Coca Cola, Aviva Life Insurance, Samsung, Philips.
  • We work on the motto that to develop your business is our business and we treat our customers as if they own us because they actually do.

Professionalism is the guiding principle that we follow and also we keep ourselves updated about all the latest technologies. Without a shadow of doubt, we can say that in this 9 years journey of successful service offering in the domain of custom software development services and software testing services, MetaDesign Solutions has proved itself ahead of the game in helping our customers to take their business to the successful heights.

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benefits of automation testing

Benefits of Automation Testing for Your Web App

I would like to begin this blog by taking into discussion the saying of the world renowned business magnate Bill Gates, “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” This is the reason why the last decade has witnessed a soaring rise in the digital economy development. When it comes to software development, then ‘agility’ is what every enterprise and organization demands. This is because speed, quality, efficiency and that too at affordable costs are the features that one expects in any software.

Therefore, automation testing has come to play its part to enhance this pool of development and to alleviate unnecessary flaws and anomalies from any application, so that the users find its functionality absolutely exceptional. By properly analysing the user interactions, automation testing presents a clear understanding and a coherent picture to the clients, telling them how their app will actually perform.

For the successful development of any business, it is necessary to maintain favorable relations with the end users, by providing them quick and efficient services which suits their requirements, at minimal costs. Let us take the instance of credit cards/ debit cards functionality. In such faster times, nobody would have the time to go to bank for reissue of the card if one finds flaws in its functionality. The consequence would be that the users, gradually would begin to lose trust in the services of that bank.

Similar is the case with applications development also. The last two years have witnessed development at such a faster pace in IT sector that there is a tough competition in the market. This arises a need for the development of a mobile or a web app that remains devoid of any threats or bugs, that has a faster runtime and can get easily downloaded. That is why, software automation testing/ mobile automation testing for your web app or mobile app comes to play a prominent role so that your app doesn’t suffer any disruptions in its way to become successful. Without a shadow of doubt, one can say that automation has become mandatory in software testing procedures.

Manual Testing as Opposed to Automation

Automation testing services for mobile apps

There may arise innumerable permutations and combinations in manually testing each and every function of the app and the problem aggravates when the tests have to re-run every time the software changes. This may prove to be much costly and tedious for the engineers working on them as well as for the clients who expect a faster delivery. Moreover, while manually testing a particular software or an application can eventually delay its release as the common human errors, bugs or defects may remain.

For automation testing, platforms like Selenium is deployed. which saves much of the manual effort to test every feature of the web app. In this way, the upcoming release would be much rapid. It can be envisaged as a prominent cost effective solution if one is looking for an application that is scalable, robust and of high quality because the growing stiff competition in the IT sector demands this. The end users have a long list of choices available in front of them but your application should be the one which must appear and function ahead of the game and automation does this task for you.

  • Increased efficiency is guaranteed
  • High quality is ensured
  • A perfect cost effective solution
  • Speedy development and deployment
  • Popularity of a particular app is at its best!

Selenium Automation Testing

selenium automation testing

It is merely not a tool deployed in automation but a suite of softwares that comes with innumerable testing functions to meet the requirements of the web apps.

  • This is a platform which enables the clients to get a clear picture of how their application will show the real time behaviour. It may fairly become easy for them to judge and analyse the end user’s reactions to it.
  • It is its scalability and flexibility which adds to the list of advantages. It can be used along with the other testing tools which consequently increases the testing coverage, the devices and the operating systems to conduct the tests.
  • Selenium automation testing records the behaviour as one runs the website and play the steps automatically in the web browsers, alleviating the need to test every function of the app or software specifically.

Whether it is for mobile app testing or it soaring popularity among the game developers, automation has always been in practice to yield better and scalable results and most importantly, to enhance the productivity of the software.

Less time and lesser efforts are guaranteed as the tests can run in parallel, along with the assurance of a better quality of product with less bugs and defects.

MetaDesign Solutions is a prominent automation testing company,  which has managed an entice of over 250 customers in providing automation testing services. We see our achievement in the satisfaction of our clients and we put all our endeavors to achieve that. We have a well experienced team of developers, testers, leads and engineers who work in a professional way to provide adequate software development and testing services to our clients. Go for automation testing services from MDS, if you want to see your app ahead of the game and reaching the soaring heights of popularity.

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Windows Mobile Apps Development

Why is Good UX Design Important for the Success of Your App

Today, every enterprise wants to remain ahead of the curve and aims that their application should touch the heights of popularity. The next question that comes to the forefront is that how a particular mobile application must be designed so that it catches the attention of a large number of users, escalating its popularity and maximizing the number of downloads. The answer is that its UX design should be such which makes an application easy to use with simple to understand functionality. This implies that in order to make any app popular and successful, its design patterns must be in sync with the latest trending patterns which can help it gain a big applause from the public.

The end user experience determines the success of any particular application and it is a crucial part of the design process. Therefore, in order to put your app on a fast track mode of success and to catch the attention of million of eyeballs, a good UX design is really important. It is about how a person feels while interacting with any digital product. Is it simplistic to use and to understand and this simplicity is in the hands of the designers and developers.

Here we come to play our role as MetaDesign Solutions has been in the domain of development since 2006 and we put all our efforts to make sure that the apps or websites we develop for our clients, grab the attention of a large number of users. Our aim is to watch the business of our clients touching the heights of success and we burn the candle at both ends to achieve our aim.

UX design and usability are two different things, although they are connected in many ways. Usability takes into consideration the efficiency of the site or app and how easy and simple it is to operate. While on the other hand, UX design is about the intuition of a person while using the app. In other words, one can say that it is UX design which examines the usability of an app.

  • Interaction – Yes! that is the correct word! Any site or any app is judged by people’s ability to interact with it. The look of the site matters but primarily, it is about interaction and how much people enjoy interacting with it.

    UX design tempts more and more visitors because they are able to easily navigate the site and understand how to use it well. UX designers must pay attention to UI UX design to escalate the popularity of an app.

  • Any app or a website reaches the heights of success only when people like it or when people hold a good opinion about it. Therefore, it is in the hands of UX designers to develop a fluid, efficient and effective user interface. This implies that what perspective a person will form about your site is entirely in your hands.

  • CUSTOMER’S LOYALTY- We all are the inhabitants of high tech era where we want all tasks to be accomplished with just a swipe of a finger. A confusing, frustrating application would disappoint the users to a greater extent and they won’t take an instant to switch to another app.

    Therefore, it is important to create a positive impact on the user’s mindsets and a significant first impression about your app through a beautiful mobile app UI design, so that in their opinion, it would be of worth to download an app.

    A well designed app can offer solution to a multitude of problems. And moreover, it is a way to enhance the productivity of business. A well developed application with an excellent UX design helps one to analyse the productivity of their business, irrespective of where they actually are, at present.

    With the options like direct personal calls, live chat, offering a help desk or an ongoing customer support, there would be a less consumption of time, efforts and money as compared to manually handling each and every task. It gives an added advantage that the productivity of your business would reach the successful heights.

    Giving users what they want, (that is the easy going functionality of your app), would not merely add to the success of any app but also increase customer’s satisfaction and pave a way towards better business productivity. At MetaDesign Solutions, we have a highly experienced team of UX designers who remain adhere to UX design principles and engage themselves in the task by putting in front of themselves what the target audience actually expects.This is because we believe that an interactive, efficient and a user friendly app with an excellent UI UX design, would catch the attention of thousands of people and there can be no doubt that its popularity would reach the soaring heights.

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Windows Mobile Apps Development

5 Reasons To Go for Windows Mobile Apps Development

It is a common observation to see people in public holding their iPhones or android phones most commonly, but now, new operating systems are entering the market with unblemished features and the trends are changing. It may awesome interest you to note that 57% of the developers plan to develop for Windows phone and its marketplace has crossed 1 Million, in terms of available apps, in 2015. This is a coherent implication of the fact that people are inclining towards Windows operating systems as well.

Who would really not want to go for sleek interface, powerful integration with cloud services and the availability of other Microsoft products such as XBox, office 365, Windows, OneDrive in a single device. This is the reason why Windows phone is spearheading on its way to success and is on the verge of getting popular in Europe and South America. Therefore, getting your app on Windows phone would not be a bad idea at all as it has been able to carve out a dominant place for itself in the market.

Here are some of the reasons why developing apps for Windows phone would be beneficial to add up to its recognition and cover a large gamut of people who would be aware about it. You got to read the 5 interesting points given below in order to comprehend why Windows phone mobile app development would bring extraordinary results.

SIMPLE, SENSITIVE, ADVANCED USER INTERFACE IS THE REASON!- Today, what does an end user expect from a mobile device he buys, it is the ease of performing tasks without taking quality as granted. It’s a simple, sensitive and advanced user interface in Windows phone that entraps the attention of the people and enhances its popularity.

We are living in the world where we want all tasks to be performed within few simple instants. Efficiency, speed and performance is what one looks for in a device and Windows operating system provides all as Windows 8 Metro Style desktop applications play an important role in our personal PC as well as it is beneficial for the enterprises as well. This is the reason why individuals, most enterprises as well as organizations go for Windows 8 because of the easy accessibility.

It implies that since its popularity is at its peak, therefore, developing apps for this operating system would increase the app’s awareness among the people, covering a larger spectrum of audience.

“57% of mobile app developers plan to develop for Windows phone”

AUTOMATION TESTING IS THE ADDED ADVANTAGE- In order to develop apps for Nokia’s DVLUP portal, gamification plays an essential role to entice the developers. They would be able to earn the incentives, points and badges if, let us suppose, they add a particular feature to the app or update an existing app to a new standard. By redeeming the points, the developers may get some rewards.

It is just an another lucrative way of getting the apps developed for Windows operating system. Therefore, the .Net developers can easily go for Windows phone apps development and help their clients to get their attractive applications on this platform, in a truly uncomplicated and straightforward manner.

WINDOWS HAVE SUPERSEDED iOS PLATFORM- A recent study has revealed that in about 24 countries, Windows platform has superseded iOS which is a clear implication of its exploding popularity. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that developing applications for Windows operating system, would catch the maximum number of eyeballs. As a result, their popularity would reach the remarkable heights.

A recent study has revealed that in about 24 countries, Windows platform has superseded iOS which is a clear implication of its exploding popularity. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that developing applications for Windows operating system, would catch the maximum number of eyeballs. As a result, their popularity would reach the remarkable heights.

“Windows phone will pass iOS as the #2 mobile OS globally after Android in 2016.”

DEVELOP YOUR APP ONCE AND GET IT EVERYWHERE- A major concern that everyone worries about is that in order to make any particular application popular, it needs to be available on multiple platforms so that it covers a larger spectrum of people, which would add to its popularity. Therefore, with the help of efficient cross platform tools available, such as Xamarin and PhoneGap, which provides the same development environment.

This indicates that there is a need to develop any application only once and it would be available as three different apps, for the different platforms.

“65% of Windows phone developers use app store use app stores to deploy their apps.”

DEVELOP, TEST AND PUBLISH APPS SWIFTLY WITH APP STUDIO- Microsoft has come up with a proficient tool in order to develop apps so that it can be immediately build, tested and published. This tool enables you to build an app within just few hours. This means, it helps to get the work done faster and in a truly efficient manner. A powerful tool it is, for developing simple apps easily and faster and for more complex apps as well, it can be deployed and proves to be much useful.

“Customer’s satisfaction for Windows Phone operating system is at 93%”

MetaDesign Solutions is a leading software development company which has been in the industry since 2006. We offer proficient and cost effective Windows mobile app development services to our clients. Our developers are well cognizant of not merely the latest technologies but also are well versed in English communication and interaction skills. Therefore, choosing to hire us would yield optimum results and this is what we guarantee.

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benefits of continuous integration

5 Benefits To Use Continuous Integration

Efficiency and effectiveness are the two words that one aims to look for, in software’s development domain. Another important term that comes to the forefront is business agility as every organization or enterprise puts all their endeavors to achieve it. The quality of software developed, the amount of time spent and the visual display of the work done, all determines the productivity in business and its success. This is the reason why continuous integration as a new and advanced software development & delivery method is gaining momentum at a faster pace. It makes sure that as the software is built, it is continuously tested, in order to come up with the defects and bugs regularly. It ensures the efficiency of a software as well as build a sense of confidence in the developers.

According to the traditional methods of software development, continuously integrating and checking the code may not be possible and the developers may work without realizing the fact that many bugs and conflicts are being generated, in the process. The problem rises when many programmers share the code. This is the reason why continuous integration has become a buzzword in software development, today, in order to produce robust code and cut off the duration of debugging cycles.

This blog takes into discussion some of the important benefits of continuous integration and it is an assurance that quality code and efficiency are the two words you may find resounding at the end of this discussion.

QUALITY ASSURANCES- Since, there are lesser chances of bugs and conflicts in the development and the deployment process, it is obvious that the reputation of the company and the productivity of your business would reach the heights.

Continuous integration servers such as Bamboo and Jenkins enables the automation of a release management and makes sure that the new changes integrate well into the existing code base. Several purposes are fulfilled at the same time, it is about efficiency of the software developed, automated release management and faster delivery without getting into the hassles of debugging.

Continuously integrating codes suggest that the conflicts are rapidly found and are quickly fixed which implies that any particular application reaches the hands of the clients, in a correct state.

AUTOMATION TESTING IS THE ADDED ADVANTAGE- Getting involved in manual testing can be really hectic and nerve wracking, plus humans are prone to committing errors in the same. Therefore, deployment tasks are automated to make sure that a particular process is being followed, which will run in the same every time the code is put into the repository. Again, this helps in serving dual purposes:

  • Eradication of repetitive human labour so that people may contribute their efforts towards other tasks of development.
  • Efficiency and improvements will be the results at the end.

IT IS ABOUT CONFIDENCE IN THE SOFTWARE- An enlarged benefit of continuous integration software is that it build up the confidence in the developers to make new changes as something goes wrong in developing software/application. The team remains aware that tests are being continuously performed with every build, project coding follows the standards and the product’s functionality is appropriate.

At the back of mind, clients as well as the developers remain assured about the productivity and functionality of software/product produced.

ENABLES A BETTER PROJECT VISIBILITY- Recent data or updates are necessary to support decisions for the success of any project. Traditional methods convey that the team has to put in their efforts and time manually, to gather relevant information. But with continuous integration software, project visibility enhances as :

  • It provides relevant real -time information on the recent build and thus, enables to make effective decisions.
  • With continuous integration, the ability to notice trends frequently, code quality and to judge the success/failure of build enhances.
  • It enables to generate API like documentation of the code, thus enabling the developers and other team members to view the software architecture immediately.

ISOLATING ERRORS- There can be no doubt saying that continuous integration testing sets up the speed and automates workflow as well as builds up the confidence in the developers that they can make improvements without being with the fear of software break down. Some of the worse situations arising in post deployment testing or in production environment can be avoided. Moreover, clients remain assured that their project is in safe hands.

Continuous integration testing rings a bell whenever a software or application encounters an error, to make sure that, the errors are not taken up to staging or production environment. This concludes that efficiency, effectiveness and productivity are guaranteed if a good CI setup is chosen.

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pros and cons of xamarin development

Pros and Cons of Xamarin Development

Envisaging the expanding market of smartphones, it is not an astonishing fact that by 2017, there will be around 268 billion of application downloads that would be responsible to generate about 77 billion dollars of combined avenue. The figures just don’t stop here but the analysis portrays the fact that by 2017, more than one third of world’s population will be using the smartphones. This coherently shows that applications development will give a perfect uplift to your business.

But the problem arises as people use different operating systems, therefore, there is an inclination towards developing applications that run flawlessly on various different platforms. Apart from appcelerator titanium development and Unity3D development which are commonly deployed as cross platform SDK, another cross platform language whose popularity is gaining momentum these days in the software market, is Xamarin development

Enveloping the major leading mobile platforms, including iOS, Windows, android, Mac, C#, xamarin has opened up wide dimensions for the enterprises to cover a wide spectrum of people and to catch their attention through their apps. One could say that its biggest advantage is that it uses object C# language for applications development while also, covers the diversified platforms. The apps developed function in accordance with the user’s requirements and priorities.

Since 2006, MetaDesign Solutions has been offering adequate business software solutions to its clients and have also gained expertise in cross platform development with Xamarin. In this blog, here is an attempt to analyse the pros and cons of Xamarin development.

Pros of Xamarin Development

development services for mobile apps

  • It is envisaged as the only flexible framework that covers the major platforms, without taking for granted the quality and performance of apps.
  • Cross platform language is cost efficient and reduces the time to market with consumption of efforts. This is due to the reason that about 70% of code written can be deployed across different major platforms.
  • Its cross platform functionality does not negotiate with its capability to deliver high performance apps. Plus, with the help of native API’s, it helps in creating excellent user interface and user experience that the users of various devices get used to.
  • Incessant advancements in technology have revolutionised our lives and applications development has added to it. Xamarin app development is of extreme benefit for the enterprises particularly, who aim to maximize their presence in the market and grab the attention of many.
  • Cross platform becomes all the more simple and facile, because of its test cloud, which makes the task truly effortless.

Xamarin development

Cons of Xamarin Development

hire xamarin developers

Apart from its scalability, flexibility and cross platform prowess because of which it has done a bang on job for various enterprises and people who want to flourish their business well, this framework is accompanied with various negatives as well.

  • Although, it works on the perspective, “write once, run everywhere” but in reality this is so not the case in true sense. This is because, although most of the code can be ported across different platforms but the core UI development cannot be. This clearly implies that some efforts need to put in coding across various platforms.
  • This implies, that it needs UI code for every platform which can consume a lot of time.
  • In case of iOS and android app development, Xamarin is not able to use open source libraries.
  • It is not, “write once, run everywhere” in true sense as in native apps developed, code developed for Xamarin environment cannot be used there.
  • Any app grabs hold of people’s attention when it is responsive and takes a minimum startup time. Apps developed on Xamarin platform involve linking of codes and referencing between .Net frameworks and target operating systems.
  • This increases the download time and the start up time, questioning its efficiency.

In order to develop an application, it is primarily important to envisage whether it is much complicated or no, or whether it can be developed on native platforms or not. This decision determines the success of an app because customers now days want every single thing in an instant or in merely a single click. Testing their patience would definitely negotiate with the proficiency and success of your app. Therefore, if it is not for multiple platforms and if it is not intricately complex, in that case, one can also go for native app development.

MetaDesign Solutions is a competent software development company which puts all their endeavors to provide reliable solutions to its clients so that by applying our competences, we can bring your dream of a successful business true. We have proves our prowess in different domains of development, be it native or cross mobile, our excellence would not leave you disappointed. With a team of 300+ developers, we have given success to more than 500 projects in various domains.

For cross mobile apps development, Xamarin is accompanied with a list of exceptional benefits and is a viable option to expand your presence on the internet because as Bill Gates perception holds true when he said, “ if your business will not be on the internet, your business will be out of business.”

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AngularJS Development Services

Native Vs Hybrid Mobile Apps

It would not appear astonishing to note that smartphones have not merely changed our lives, but have transformed them entirely. Within a single touch, we are made accessible to all types of information and are possessed with the capability to accomplish different types of tasks. The reason why, today, smartphones have become rock stars of our lives, is the innumerable apps, which have made our lives, not just simpler and faster but also, smarter in a unique way.

As the demand of smartphones is going through the roof, the task of applications development has also gained momentum. This blog is particularly, for the developers who are in the dilemma whether to go for native or hybrid mobile application development. Therefore, here we hold a discussion between the two types of application development to arrive at a particular conclusion, that which one is best.

Native Vs Hybrid Mobile Application Development

AngularJS Routing

To take into consideration the features of native mobile apps:

  • Native apps are platform specific.
  • This implies that they are developed for a particular platform only (iOS or android), by deploying the development tools and language, according to the platform chosen.
  • Native mobile apps enable to drive full potential of the platform, that one has chosen, with the ability to provide a splendid and simply great user experience.
  • To put it in a nutshell, one can say that native apps provide best possible features and an overall excellent user experience, because it offers the following features:
  • Fast graphics API – it gives you the graphics rapidly.
  • Native platform is multi touch.
  • The native features of a mobile device can be integrated into the mobile apps, in a flawless manner. For example, camera, address book, geolocation.
  • For the users also, who are looking forward towards an app, that functions, not merely in an exceptional manner but is also simple to use, native mobile app is a better option.
  • For documentation of native apps, enough reading material, including the articles, blog posts, books, is available plus, the detailed information on StackOverflow.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Mobile App development using angularjs framework

To recall wikipedia’s definition on hybrid application development “it combines the best (or worst) of both the native and HTML5 worlds. Hybrid apps are built using HTML5 and Javascript, “wrapped inside a thin native container” which makes one accessible to the features and benefits of native platform.

  • It may fall into your interest to note that PhoneGap is the most popular container for hybrid mobile application development.
  • As already discussed, hybrid apps combines the “best of both the worlds”(native and HTML5) as the well experienced native developers can develop proficient and flawless applications with the potential and capabilities of the native platform.
  • Hybrid apps development is envisaged as a cheaper and a rather quicker solution than hybrid apps and can be easily deployed across various platforms.
  • Its simplicity is highlighted because, by adding just a line of code, Cordova permits one to build an application for various platforms.
  • If the phone’s hardware is taken into account, for instance, camera, bluetooth, etc., for this purpose also, Cordova has plenty of plugins that one can use.
  • One limitation that you may face with hybrid apps development is that, it deploys native browser, which indicates that they are not as fast as native apps.


Hire angularjs developers

The whole thing about native apps is about their performance and efficiency. Since, these apps are compiled into machine code, the users are able to share the best performance possible from their mobile devices. On the same token, it must be taken into account that you also can gain full access to phone’s hardware plus the advantage of fast and fluid animations.

But at the same time, the disadvantage is that the process is quite complicated as the same code cannot be used everywhere plus, it may not seem easy to everyone.

In the world of hustle bustle, every person wants to accomplish the tasks in a swipe of a finger. In this tech-savvy era, nobody has time and patience to test the functioning of mobile app, if it fails to work properly in the first two attempts. An estimation has stated that only 79% of people would try to open the app for the second time if it does not function properly in the first attempt.

This is the reason why, for a successful business, user experience matters a lot. Poor user experience would decrease the popularity of your app. Hybrid apps development may be a quick task, which will help your apps to get immersed on various different platforms, in less pain and efforts. But this comes with a backdrop to compromise with ideal user experience and performance.

In order to share a remarkable customer experience, native apps development must be given a priority.


case studies of angularjs framework development

To put in a nutshell, a discussion on native vs hybrid mobile app development, won’t give you the perfect answer as to which one is best. It is because, they both have their own set of advantages and limitations. Therefore, to get the answer of which one to choose, the users and the developers must decide their own needs and must choose the platform that is most compatible to their preferences.

MetaDesign Solutions has been in the IT domain for more than 8 years, and with this experience, we have gained excellence in hybrid and native apps development services. Our job is not merely to offer our services to our clients but also to provide them consultation about which service would be compatible with their business needs and requirements.

Therefore, to get the answer of which one to choose, the users and the developers must decide their own needs and must choose the platform that is most compatible to their preferences.

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Benefits Of Using Angular 2.0

Benefits Of Using Angular 2.0

We are well aware of the fact that the popularity of applications development has created a hype in the market, it has become a talk of the town. Therefore, the developers are incessantly searching for new frameworks which ease the task of development, while at the same time, help in the development of highly scalable, powerful and full featured applications. One such remarkable open source JavaScript framework that has entered the market, is AngularJS. With its efficiency and enhanced productivity, AngularJS 1.4 has been able to win the hearts of individuals and enterprises as well.

It is because of its innumerable benefits that the popularity of AngularJS development has gained tremendous momentum. Similarly, in order to add on to this list of advantages, a “new and reformed version” has arrived at the forefront as Angular 2.0. It is a rewrite of the entire framework with many essential advancements, in order to enhance the results.

In technological domain, there is always an aim to look for better speed and simplicity. For this purpose, with the release of Angular 2.0, the developers have many expectations, and one of them is that there should be some stress laid on faster and modern browsers, for instance, chrome, firefox, opera and safari on desktop. This would ensure that the codebase used would be compact and precise, and the latest and upgraded features would be easily supported. Moreover, there is no need to worry about backward compatibility and polyfills. Hence, the purpose would be accomplished as AngularJS application development task would be made just too easy.

Arrived To Overcome Your Expectations!

Benefits of Angular 2

  • The present version i.e AngularJS 1.4 do not support the latest web components that are custom elements, HTML imports, shadow DOM etc.
  • With the release of Angular 2.0, the developers live in the expectation and the positivity that this new version would be able to support all the web components, augmenting the productivity.
  • Now, if a new version has entered the market, it is expected to give better performance and hence improved results.
  • Moreover, a boost up is given to its benefits because of its flexible development. Not only, does it provide support for ES6 and Typescript, but also, it excels in working well with ES5, Dart, Coffee-script and the other ones also that compile to JavaScript.
  • By the same token, there is also a provision that a simple web app can be created using AngularJS with web api 2, in order to perform CRUD operations
  • Moreover, the developers are also looking forward to Angular 2.0, as it is expected to offer ease of development.
  • This is because, considering AngularJS, gaining an in depth knowledge of it, is just not an easy task because it is a bit difficult to comprehend the technicalities and its core features.
  • Therefore, the developers are looking forward to a framework, that is easy to understand and implement.

We at MetaDesign Solutions provide competent business solutions to our clients that go with their business needs and requirements. Moreover, our developers always remain well aware of the latest and innovative technologies in the software development market. Therefore, for angular 2.0 development services and for other Angularjs Services, we are the leading providers and this we can assure that relying on us and our capabilities won’t leave you disappointed.

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Porting Android Apps to Tizen

Porting Android Apps To Tizen

A good news that would steal the hearts of the application developers,it is the arrival of Tizen operating system which has been considered as yet another platform to port their apps and make a large share of users aware about it as well. Since Tizen running phones are cost effective, it has invited many buyers from low and middle classes. At this point, MetaDesign solutions come to your service. We have a dynamic team of mobile app developers who have gained excellence in app development and designing services and also have an in-depth knowledge of Tizen operating system as well.

As we all are aware of the fact that Tizen vs android debate has been in continuity with the coming of Samsung Z1 in January 2015 as because of its advanced features and cost effective services, it has been able to win the hearts of many. With the development of new technology by Samsung in the form of Tizen operating system, the users would benefit technically as well as economically, from it. In India as well as in the neighboring countries, Samsung Z1 that costs around 100USD, became hugely popularized, particularly among the low and the middle classes, because of its cost effective new Tizen operating system.

  • We provide services of porting android applications to Tizen as well so that the app developers are able to make a large share of audience aware about a particular app that they have developed.
  • Our Tizen developers are highly experienced with its HTML5 SDK and developed several apps already.
  • In this way, our endeavors are always to accomplish the demands of our clients so that they remain deprived of any complaints and doubts regarding our services.

Benefits Of adoptiong Tizen Operating System

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Incessant advancements in the domain of technology is the reason why the world has become an interactive global village. However, it has become a much common observation that the best selling technology can fall down anytime as the one with advanced features surpasses it. For instance, previously, iOS was the largest selling operating system taken over Android and now, Tizen operating system is also on the list to compete. In this section, here is an attempt to take into consideration the benefits of developing apps on Tizen operating system:

  • It is an open source operating system and which is most compatible with multiple mobile platforms.
  • Applications developed with Tizen operating system can be launched on other operating systems, with a necessity of making little changes in the codes.
  • Tizen provides full support of developing apps using HTML5.
  • Moreover, it is a matter of contentment for the application developers as well because they would be having their apps not only limited to Tizen market but also to iOS and android as well.
  • In this way, the probability of a particular application becoming successful, increases because it has got the compatibility of different platforms.
  • It has been supported by various other devices like TV, camera or PC.

It is under one roof that various different services are provided by our mobile app development team which include android app development, Windows phone, Tizen app development etc. This ensures that our assiduous employees have gained in depth knowledge and experience in the domain of Tizen operating system as well. Therefore, we feel pride in saying that we are proficient in providing services of porting android apps to Tizen. Unlike android, Tizen has been proved to be cheaper for companies with better features.

Tizen Vs Android Performance

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  • This open source operating system, allows the apps developed with this OS can be launched in iOS and Android as well, with slight changes in the code.
  • This proves to be extremely beneficial for the clients who can have their apps accessible to a wider spectrum of public through Tizen, iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Tizen operating system is much cost effective, giving a competitive edge to Google’s android and is widely popular among lower and middle classes.

By availing the benefits of this service, our clients can give their business the right path that would bear them progress, growth and success. This is because, Tizen operating system is gaining huge popularity among a larger section of people due to its cost efficiency and better features. Therefore, it would be a matter of benefit for our clients to have their android apps to tizen as well. In this way, their application would be reachable to a larger section of people.

Therefore, we also make them aware of all the pros and cons of the services that we offer so that in a long run, they remain aware about them. Not only this, but also, as according to the demands of the customers, we offer different hiring packages. We appreciate that our clients have spent money and time to avail services from MetaDesign solutions and we would not break their trust.

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Porting Android And iOS applications to Windows Phone

Porting Android and iOS Applications to Windows Phone

The progress in the world of technology has brought about some remarkable changes in the human lives today. Our lives have become even faster and impatient that we want all things to be done at a single click. That is why, the activity of apps development has gained pace in this 21st century. But, simultaneously, with this growth, the competition has also increased because every organization wants their app to be live and present on numerous platforms so as to enhance its popularity and to invite a number of users.

Generally, because of the limited number of users of Windows phone and the limited number of apps present in its app store, one gets perplexed in the question that would it be worthy to engage oneself in Windows Phone Application Development? The answer to this question is ‘yes’.

Benefits Of Porting iPhone, Android Apps To Windows Phone!

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The services at MetaDesign solutions serve this purpose and accomplish it with due endeavour and efficiency. Our highly efficient application developers, provide services to our clients in a given time frame as according to their needs and demands. And among the various services, our developers also help to port android and iPhone applications to Windows phone as well. This will serve the several purposes, simultaneously.

  • Primarily, this would help in enhancing the reach to more users so that its sales gain momentum.
  • Secondly, owing to less competition on windows phone market, your business would get more visibility in comparison to your competition.
  • As we all know Windows Phone is an initiative from Microsoft, hence it is bound to stay and grow.
  • Although, the global market share for the Windows phone is still less, about 3.2% in 2013 and 2.5% in 2012. But, at present, it has been envisaged as the fastest growing phone Operating system in Europe and sharing about 10.1% in the global market.

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